Lush Easter Treats Without the Sweets Review


Easter egg dyeing and hunting, chocolate eggs and bunnies, jellybeans, and dressing up for Church on Easter Sunday. These are some beautiful things during Easter time, but I have something for you to fill your Easter baskets up with this year to keep all the sugar highs from happening and still have LOADS of fun!!


Instead of giving family and friends over-packaged, calorific chocolate eggs this year, treat them to a tasty selection of LUSH’s new bath products especially for Easter. These little luxuries are much kinder to the waistline and the environment, as LUSH bath bombs, bubble bars and soaps are solid which means they are preservative and packaging free. And to top it all off, LUSH don’t test on animals, preferring instead to dedicate products to bunnies as opposed to testing on them.

NEW Golden Egg bath melt Bomb ($8.95): A brand new invention, this egg is a Bath Bomb coated in bath melt mixture. It will unexpectedly sink to the bottom of the bathtub while the outer layer dissolves, popping to the surface as the fizzing center is revealed. The outer bath melt mix is made using our beautiful fair trade, organic, Colombian Peace Village cocoa butter. Scented with the best selling Honey I Washed the Kids fragrance, it’s coated with PET free golden lustre.

My son chose this to try first. He was so excited over the glitter in the water and the water turning a orange-y shade. It smelled SO absolutely amazing! A lot like candy! We also didn’t use up the entire thing in one bath, so this will be reused over and over.


NEW Bunny bubble bar ($6.95): A cute little bubble bar shaped like a white rabbit, inspired by Alice in Wonderland, and made with a brand new formula. This one has a similar mix to a bubbleroon, with shea butter and coconut oil, but corn starch is added to the mix to get a more condensed bar that can be broken in half and used over two baths. Or you can use the whole thing for masses of softening Creamy Candy scented bubbles. Vegan

My son loves bubble baths, so we tried this out not too soon after the Golden Egg. It turned the water yellow and smelled delicious like jellybeans. We had a grand ol’ time trying to find “BUNNY” (which actually had dissolved) and enjoyed the heavenly scent afterwards. Isn’t he just adorable?!


Bunch of Carrots Re-usable Bubble Bars ($12.95): Back from last year, this time as a bunch of three smaller carrots, so each one can be used quicker when it’s at its freshest. As a re-usable bubble bar, place under the running taps to create lots of bubbles, then pop it on the side for another time. Fragranced with the same fruity oils as the Carrot soap, there’s also a little bit of nutritious carrot oil in each one, which is an extraordinary skin soother and rejuvenator. Vegan

Another amazingly scented bubble bar! I love, love, love the scent of candy (I’m not much of a candy eater, though. I’d rather indulge in one luscious dessert rather than a candy bar!) And, this was awesome because you can re-use it over and over again. My son really enjoyed this one because he held it under the running water and made bubbles by himself! He was oh-so-proud! And, he also thought it was a jumbo tub crayon, so he would do a little “doodling” on the tub walls. This also turns the water a beautiful shade of pastel orange.


Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb ($5.95) A best seller every year, this sweetly scented pink egg is adorned with a candy flower. It’s like bathing in a bubbling mass of marshmallow and jelly bean scented water. You’ll get your sugar fix without anything passing your lips! Available in polka dots or zig-zag patterns. Vegan

Seriously, these Easter products were so beautifully scented that I don’t even have the craving for Easter candy because they smell so absolutely sugary and delicious! This is fun and turns the water a sweet pastel pink.


The Immaculate Eggception Bath Bomb ($12.95): One of LUSH’s innovative double-layered Bath Bomb, these are hollow eggs with a surprise inside: crack the outer layer bubble bar and bath bomb mix to reveal either a mini chick or bunny bath bomb inside! You can then throw the outer eggshell and its inhabitant into the bathtub and enjoy a vanilla absolute, lemon and grapefruit scented soak. There are two colors to choose from, the yellow egg with green decoration contains the bunny; while the pink egg with yellow or blue decoration contains the chick. Vegan

Obviously, we got the pink egg with blue decoration and has the chick. I cannot wait to try this one, but I am sure my son will go nuts over this one! It looks so fun and we love these big bath bombs, so we can use for 2 – 3 baths!


I just love Lush products, and cannot wait to see what products come out next Holiday!!

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