The Balm Cosmetics Hot Ticket Nail Polish (3 GORGEOUS Colors!) Swatches/Review


So, today is my 5th Wedding Anniversary! And, if you follow me on Facebook, you saw about my hiatus. Again, I’m facing the learning curve of the camera, set-up and lighting, so you will see lots of changes in photos until I’ve reached what I shall call “perfection”! Anyhow, besides that, I also have allergies these days (usually February and March) thanks to a tree called cedar, and maybe even others, who knows! And, so yep! Fun. Also, my little one has decided he no longer needs naps (and sometimes, he does!) so I have been trying to figure out how to manage the “new” time I am alotted! 😛 So, stay tuned, I will definitely keep on working on posts, and post them whenever I get the chance.

Today, I am going to share a new-to-me brand in nail polish. I’ve never really tried the Hot Ticket nail polishes by The Balm Cosmetics.



Coral Reef-ined is a stunning salmon coral shade that will transition you RIGHT into Springtime/Summer! This delicate shade went on flawlessly in 3 coats. No top coat required!


Sky Blue Right Past You is a gorgeous baby powder blue/periwinkle! I absolutely love this shade and the formula, as well. 3 coats were needed.


I Take My Coffee Matte and Black gives away the finish of this polish! It’s a matte, of course, and quite THE PERFECT one, at that! I absolutely loved how smooth and elegant this turned out! The dry time was a little long for a matte, and I waited in between EACH layer for matte to happen, so it did take some time and effort to do this mani. This would make for a beautiful “grunge” accent nail, though!! 3 coats.


I was definitely impressed by the formula of the nail polish because I know that the eyeshadows and other makeup products by The Balm are wonderful, as well!

Have you tried Hot Ticket Nail Polish? What did you think?

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