Revlon Legacy Collection Swatches/Review


A lot of times I go into a store (casually, might I add) and leave with a TON of items (read: backups of backups of backups) because I’m absolutely terrified my FAVORITE items will get discontinued! And, there are a lot of companies who bring back discontinued items, and it’s always amazing! Revlon decided to do a contest with a few colors, and here are the ones who got brought back!!



I, of course, looked for them EVERYWHERE, and finally found out they were at a store near my husband’s work (which is not the closest!) and so I ended up asking him to pick them up for me, which he did! Except, they did not have Snow Peach (which has been very popular!) so I ended up ordering that online because no store near me had them. Guys, I seriously had to tie my hands in order not to order backups, which I decided against! I remembered a lipstick (a glittery silver one) from Revlon’s LE Collection 1996 and I *JUST* finished it like 2 years ago (gross, but I cleaned it a lot)! So, yeah, I don’t need backups!

RevlonLegacy(L-R: Icy Violet, Jungle Peach, 5th Ave Red, Snow Peach, Sandstorm)


Icy Violet 1946 – Hard to believe this shade came out around my grandmothers’ time! Wow, I love this color! It’s a soft purple that just sparkles!


Snow Peach 1956 – This shade is just sheer delight! It’s got a nice sheer gloss but it’s opaque, does that make any sense? Just take a look at this beauty!


5th Ave. Red 1958 – I’m really loving this retro red! It’s just right!


Jungle Peach 1963 – I think I’ve found my perfect nude! This shade is stunning and I can’t wait to wear this with a few different smoky eyes!


Sandstorm 1999: I was probably entering high school when this came out, and what do you think I thought about this color?! NO WAY! And, now? Chic. Tres chic. I love me some browns/nudes and frosts and sparkle!


Will you be picking these “Retro” Beauties up?! I found mine at CVS, if that helps any!

Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. You know what .. They do look like a dated formula, nowadays lipsticks are more pigmented.. But they do carry a special charm !!! They all look real pretty ..

  2. Hm I’m not sure about them. I may have to see them in person to decide though!

  3. Revlon is my favorite drugstore lipstick brand. All the colors you showed are gorgeous! I am going to have to look to see if I already have an of them, if not I see a shopping trip in my near future.

  4. Oh 5th Ave looks great! I don’t think we are going to get them in the UK however but your pictures are great

  5. Hello, Snow Peach!!! That’s def my fav πŸ˜‰

  6. These look gorgeous on you!

  7. forget this collection lol i’m more impressed that your husband knew which revlons to pick up. i swear if i asked my bf to get these for me he’d come home with 5 wet n wilds that looked similar. you’ve trained your hubby so well! lol

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