Zoya Magical Pixie Collection Swatches/Review


I’m ALL for textures and I’m ALL for holographics! When you put them together, what do you get? MAGIC! The *NEW* Zoya Magical Pixie Dusts are AMAZING! They are SO beautiful – when I opened up my package, I seriously thought, “Oh my goodness! Fairies DO exist!” It’s that sparkly! And, oh… yes, you NEED them.


Tell me that doesn’t tickle your fancy?

Let’s start off with the silver gorgeousity, Cosmo. This one has a thick formula but I used 4 careful, thin coats, and it turned out just perfect! (Oh, these dry super fast, too!)


Vega is an outrageously twinkly blue! My favorite!! This one was surprisingly opaque in 2 coats. It’s also thick, so tread lightly!


Lux is a girly pink but ROCK-WORTHY! I mean, these shades are just SO stunning! It’s hard to take your eyes off them!! This one was similar to Cosmo in applying! 3 coats here:


Just magical! I mean, look at them!


Website: zoya.com
Facebook: Zoya Nail Polish

Press sample. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. These are too pretty for words! Love them!

  2. You had me at “dries quickly”. I can’t wait to try these, especially Cosmo. What eye-catching blinginess! 😀

  3. They look a bit chunkier than the other texture polishes because of the glitters in them. Did they snag on clothing or anything? Just curious. I love texture polishes!

  4. These look great on you!

  5. These are lovely, Lux is gorgeous!
    Holly / Face LDN

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