Milani New Products (Partial Collection) 2014 PART II Swatches/Review


Okay, so I got another package of NEW Milani goodies, and they totally blew my socks off. I’ve also started preparing a list of some of the other stuff I NEED to get from the NEW PRODUCTS! So, let’s try to do this as organized as possible! I’m going to start with the eye/brow products. And, then we’ll go over the blushes and lippies. Are you ready for this? (By the way, ice has hit! We’re “snowed” in!) – Make sure you click SEE MORE! There’s a LOT more to see! 🙂

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L-R: Brow Shaping Clear Wax Pencil; Brow & Eye Highlighters 01, 02, 03; Milani Clear Brow Gel

I only took a close-up photo of the Brow Shaping Clear Wax Pencil because the Highlighters were very similar, so you pretty much get the point – pun intended! It did a really great job shaping and keeping my brows together! You will see it put to work in the pictures later on.


The Brow & Eye Highlighter Pencils are really smooth and silky and apply beautifully. I just blended it in with my fingers (when applied to eyebrows) to make it not so prominent, and in the pictures, you will see 01 in use.


The clear brow gel has a nice small brush that makes it easy to brush unruly brows and keep them in place. I wore this all day yesterday and the wax and the gel worked perfectly together keeping my eyebrows intact.


I’ll be honest, when I saw this product, I was, like, “HOW DO YOU USE THAT?!” And, “Whoa! Is that a bluetooth?!” But, it’s super easy to use! If you see the image on the packaging, that’s exactly how you use it! This lines really thin and doesn’t hiccup. I did go over the line again to make sure it was even, though!



Next up, we have the NEW Matte Baked Blushes in Delizioso Pink and Bella Rosa. These blushes are bright and give a nice pop of color! You will see them on me later on!



Delizioso Pink is a matte bright baby pink. This one is a little light for me, but it looks great mixed with other colors.

MilaniDelizioso Pink

Bella Rosa is a matte raspberry pink. This one flattered my skintone the most.



Next up, we have THREE of the NEW red lippies! Perfect for an upcoming holiday on Friday! Wink wink! 😉 They looked fabulous paired with the blushes above. Let’s take a look at them!


Let’s start with the lipgloss, Red My Lips! It’s a cream and pretty opaque for a lipgloss! You could layer this over your favorite red lipstick, and it would look absolutely seductive! Here it is on its own. Blush is Bella Rosa and brows are set with the wax pencil and gel AND highlighted with the 01 Brow & Eye Highlighter Pencil! Also, top lid is lined with the Milani Eye Tech Perfection Liquid Liner.


Next, we have MY FAVORITE lip finish EVER! Vinyl! These Lip Intense Liquid Colors are SUPER SEXY! This would be my choice for a Valentine’s Day lip!  Blush is Bella Rosa and brows are set with the wax pencil and gel AND highlighted with the 01 Brow & Eye Highlighter Pencil! (Also, I recommend using the Milani Transparent Lipliner under this shade, as it tends to feather!) Top lid is lined with the same liquid liner.


The Power Lip is another awesome lip product introduced this year. It is described as a gloss stain, and these are marvelously opaque and stunning.  Blush is Delizioso Pink and brows are set with the wax pencil and gel AND highlighted with the 01 Brow & Eye Highlighter Pencil! Top lid is also lined with the same liquid liner.


I’m really loving the NEW products, and I always pop through the aisles at Target, CVS and Walgreens to get a look at some of the other stuff!

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