MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize SkinFinish Photos/Review


Hello, lovelies! Today, I have a Mineral SkinFinish (HUGE sucker for these!) that has just been repromoted in the NEW Fantasy of Flowers Collection! You’re in luck because this is an amazing shade that will be perfection on all skintones. I use these as blushes. I also snagged a blush from this collection and I might snag a few lipsticks depending on how I like them in-store, so look forward to posts on those.

P.S. I will edit in an arm swatch in sometime later tonight. Promise. If not, then latest tomorrow?


Keep in mind, each one is different, so yours may not look exactly the same – and this one is from the 1st promote. I’ve heard that if it has more veins, the better. So, I would recommend you look for these in person.


It’s a nice shade, and would look awesome on just about everyone!


Will you be purchasing this Mineral Skin Finish? I love it!


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