Fall in Love with Lush Cosmetics this Valentine’s Day Photos/Review


Valentine’s Day is creeping up on us! I’ve used up all my Lush Cosmetics Christmas Goodies, so I was super excited to receive some Valentine’s Day-themed bath & body goods! And, goodness, does it smell romantic in my house!! These are perfect as part of a gift basket or adding to a bouquet of flowers! That’s up to you, of course!


First, let’s talk about the Tender is the Night Massage Bar made up of sensual vanilla, jasmine and ylang ylang bar with decadent, melting butters for a tender massage. When I asked my husband about the scent, he immediately said incense, and I would agree. Growing up, that was a common smell for us, so if you love that smell, then this is fabulous! Now, let’s talk about this for a second – please don’t put this in a warm room, it melts! I left it in my beauty room overnight (yup, since we had some snow, we had also raised the heat – not good – lucky for me, none of my lipsticks faced the heat wrath!), and when I came back in the morning, it was all melted into a puddle. I was really, really sad, but I took the puddle and salvaged it and refrigerated it for future use. I did get to use it on my arms, and it was lovely! My arms felt smooth and soft.


Prince Charming is made up fresh pomegranate juice and grapefruit oil. I haven’t personally used this, but I got the chance to use it on my son when I had him in the bathtub with the Love Locket Bath Bomb (We used about 2/3 in his bath – he LOVED it!) and he really enjoyed the aromatherapy I had him in for. He kept sifting the water in his little hands and sniffing at it!


The Neon Love Soap made with fresh passion fruit juice to cleanse skin, and soya yogurt was amazing! To me, it smelled like raw cinnamon cookie dough. I don’t know why!! Must be the soya yogurt. I loved this soap – it was such a treat!


And, last but definitely not least is the GORGEOUS Love Locket Bath Bomb! It was SUPER fun breaking it apart – my son, a true 2 year old boy looooooved this part! He really enjoys bathing, so it wasn’t hard to coax him into the fizzy, pink water. Watch how long that lasts, right? We both oohed and aahed at the cute confetti hearts. It’s ginormous, so you can use as much as you want. We chose to use 2/3 of it for the perfect bath.


Here it is in action! SO PRETTY!


He definitely had fun. Can you tell??


Super fun! All of these smelled SO good – I’m having sensory overload! Perfect treats for your loved ones this Valentine’s Day!

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