Batiste Clean & Classic Dry Shampoo Photos/Review


I absolutely, positively LOATHE dirty hair. I used to wash my hair everyday, but finally stopped because… 1) I became a mother and I have no time and 2) It’s not exactly that healthy for my hair anyway! I have been looking for a dry shampoo that works, smells nice or doesn’t smell at all (big preference actually!) and WORKS (yes that matters twice)! I have tried powder dry shampoos (*buzzer sounds loudly* NO WAY! This makes my hair gray and sticky) and aerosol spray cans (ew, the hairspray smell induces migraines) so I had given up until I came across THREE Batiste choices. I hated doing this but for the sake of the blog (and me), I sprayed a tiny bit to smell each one and this one smelled lemony fresh and I crossed my fingers that the smell wouldn’t turn to some strange chemical scent in my hair. SO, I grabbed it. Let’s look at the cute packaging!


When I came home, I rushed to give it a try! When I sprayed it (following all the directions on the back of the can), I saw white powder in my hair and I mumbled angrily at myself, BUT when I tossed my roots around – it actually DISAPPEARED and there was no residue leftover. HALLELUJAH! I’m touching my hair an hour later and NADA! Yes, so far, so good. I have put my hair to my nose (praying there is no scent) and there is not. Maybe a little bit but not for those fragrance-sensitive. Okay, and what did my roots look like?



Seriously, though, this is NOW my HOLY GRAIL dry shampoo – I didn’t have to wash my hair today AND it doesn’t smell all chemically AND it looks clean! Woohoo! Now, I’m just curious to see how long this can will last! I’ve heard dry shampoos tend to evaporate fast!

Which dry shampoos have passed/failed your personal tests?

Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.


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