My (Personal) Favorite Discoveries of 2013


I get asked many, many times about favorite lipsticks, brands, etc. so I decided this post was needed! I, a seasoned makeup user, STILL found NEW things to add to my collection. I made a lot of discoveries this year AND I know the adventure is far from over – I will keep learning NEW things!

So, let’s get to it, and in no specific order:

1.) MAC Heroine lipstick – purples!
This lipstick stole my breath for quite a few weeks. I started getting into MAC this year itself. I have obviously heard about it, but thought I was fine without any MACs in my life, but BOY! Was I wrong or what? Those were MY FAVORITE posts this year. This lipstick was SOLD OUT by the time I got wind of it, so I searched high and low, and finally ended up with TWO highly marked-up lipsticks as a Mother’s Day present. Well, good news for all of you – it’s NOW permanent! I have been wearing this lipstick AS OFTEN as I can now that I know I can always get more!


2.) Bronzer! As an Indian-American, I grew up with a lot of Indian views and one of them is “the lighter, the prettier!” and SO I never thought of using bronzer because I figured it would give me a more tan complexion, but again, I was wrong! THIS IS A MUST for me. It helps me contour my face and sometimes it adds a nice depth to my cheeks when needed! Definitely something I am glad to have discovered this year! One of my favorite bronzers? THIS ONE! Oh, and to my luck, it comes with my NEXT favorite discovery for the year 2013!



3.) goes HAND-IN-HAND with 2.) and is Highlighter! Again, I thought this bland coloring with/or without shimmer was a no-go and no-show. Um, *BUZZER SOUNDING* WRONG! You need this for contouring. Glow, baby, glow! See my favorite illuminator and the glow it gives in the 2 pictures below:



4.) Okay, nail polish lovers, don’t think I forgot all about you – my favorite nail polish discovery was Colors by Llarowe. Seriously, ANY extra moula I got went to Leah Ann. She’s a genius! She made me 2 customs and I’m a believer! Gorg! Shown below is my custom, Peach, please!


5.) HOLO top coats – well, this isn’t really a NEW discovery, BUT I did find uses for my holo top coats. Carolina of Colores de Carol has my heart when it comes to holo top coat. Her gorgeous Holo Blast has been gracing my nails A LOT! Here it is over DSW Anise Street Orchid, a duochrome. Be still, my heart!


6.) Favorite NEW brand discovery (even though this is NOT a new brand, it was for me, and I use it EVERYDAY!) Jordana Cosmeticshas THE best makeup products at affordable prices and the quality is A+. I have the best luck finding these at my local Walgreens, and I literally use these EVERYDAY since I was sent them for review AND I’ve also purchased dozens more since.


7.) Another MUST HAVE for me is CC Cream by Almay! I literally don’t go out without this on my face because it gives me flawless full coverage and the formula for this is SO lightweight and dreamy! Very easy to apply – I do so with my fingers and sometimes my Beauty Blender, but it always goes on perfect! Most of my face images above have this very product, so scroll up to see the full coverage!


8.) Another favorite brand discovery for me was Black Radiance! I obviously fell into a more deeper love with lipstick than ever before this year, and I found these $1.99 babies at Walgreens/CVS/Walmart, and I picked them ALL up! I look forward to more from them because they are incredibly pigmented and wonderful for being a drugstore brand! Here I am wearing Plum Orchid!


9.) I also discovered YouTuber videos and really enjoy watching makeup artists and tutorials. My favorite discovery of this year is ! She’s a beautiful girl who has a wonderful bubbly personality and is talented, as well! You go, girl! Below is a screenshot of her channel! 🙂

CoffeeBreakwithDani - YouTube - Windows Internet Explorer 12302013 60153 PM

10.) My last and final favorite discovery of the year was LIQUID LIPSTICK. I mean, come on. Gorgeous – on the go! There are the Lime Crime Velvetines (another new brand discovery this year!) and the High Def Lipglosses from Red Apple Lipstick (yet another new brand discovery this year!)

Lime Crime Velvetine in Suedeberry


and Red Apple Lipstick High Def Lipgloss in Bashful:


I hope the year 2014 is prosperous and blessed for all of you out there and that we have many new LOVELY discoveries! Hope you enjoyed this post, and we will continue our journey in the New Year!


Some products mentioned were sent for review and some were purchased. All opinions are honest and my own.


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