Models Own Hyperbrite Annalise’s Pink, Pink Hawaiian, and Flaming Red Lipsticks Swatches/Review


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I have never once tried a Models Own nail polish, but I did get a chance to try some of their lipsticks! They were on sale at Llarowe on Black Friday, so I grabbed these 3 lippies (and retractable lip brushes – which I haven’t tested yet, so we’ll give that a shout out in another post!). Shall we get on with it? I’m sure all of you have stuff going on today!


The packaging is simple – clear and see through. It’s unique in its own right. The plastic is definitely heavy, so you won’t chip it if it falls, etc. Why do I like it? Only because I can see the color without having to open the lid. Definitely a plus. Oh, and it also comes sealed, as it should since you can see the color! 😉

Hyperbrite Annalise’s Pink is definitely a pink showstopper. It was hard to apply and tugged at the lips. You can see the struggle I had with this one, and it didn’t really suit me, in my opinion. I do think the fairer ladies will carry this beautifully!



Hyperbrite Pink Hawaiian is a gorgeous fuchsia. This one was a little better with tugging, but still tugged, nevertheless.



Hyperbrite Flaming Red was a LITTLE softer yet. But, what a red!!



Now, overall, I was still a bit wary of these, but the color turnout was gorgeous! I would definitely try some other colors. Maybe since this was supposed to be matte, they tugged a bit. So, it would be something to experiment.

Website: Models Own or Llarowe
Facebook: Models Own or Llarowe

Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.


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