Crown Brush HD Set with Mirror & Tweezer Photos/Review


There was a time (and you may shake your head at these – I already know! ;)) when I thought fingers could apply product WAY better than a brush, I thought brushes were a sad investment, AND I only used the brushes that came with eyeshadow palettes, blush, etc. NOW, I cannot stand the thought of using the brushes that come with a product unless it’s a high quality brush. And, the Crown Brush HD Set with Mirror & Tweezer is definitely one that I would highly recommend to brush beginners and people who need a travel set of basics.


Yep, should’ve photographed this with a black background – apologies! You can faintly see the Crown Brush logo! It’s a great set for traveling since they’re all right there!


I have a soft spot for white brushes, so I was really glad to get these in white.

Let’s go into detail about these brushes and discuss.


I prefer to use the Pro Powder brush for powder, foundation and even highlighting over my blush. This brush is soft, and it did a decent job getting product where I needed it, but I do prefer my brushes to be a little more tapered so that it picks up the product and deposits it without fall out. This works for cleaning up any extra product.


I do like my tapered brushes more. This Tapered Blush brush worked beautifully. I love this for applying blush best, which is pretty much what it’s for, anyway.


The Deluxe Contour brush is also tapered perfectly for applying highlighter and bronzer and even blush. I love this one and use this the most, so far.


The Chisel Shadow brush is perfect for applying eyeshadow on the lids and even applying color on the crease to give you that crispness.


Of course, the Crease Blender worked pretty well to “fade” the eyeshadows to look more refined and blend into each other.


The Detail Liner is for gel and crème liners, but to be honest, this didn’t work for me. I would imagine a brush with a tapered point would work better. Since this one flares out, it doesn’t really get you that crisp, straight line you would aim for.


I didn’t get to test the Crown Brush tweezers, but I imagine it would be great considering the edges look slanted and sharp enough to grab hairs.

Now, my thoughts altogether on this set are positive because I am going to keep these in this case for travel. I have enough brushes out there in the open. These are great but I do love the brushes I use on a daily basis more. These are a great set for those of you who do not have brushes and are looking to invest in some.

What do you think? Are you in the market for new brushes? What color would you choose – white, orange, or purple?

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