Christmas Swap Package 2013 + Swatches/Review


So, you may remember last year, Galactic Lacquer and I did a Christmas Swap INITIALLY for butter London Black Knight, BUT we took a step back and realized it was near Christmas time, and we did a full-blown Christmas swap! It was SO MUCH FUN. I’ve been searching HIGH AND LOW (I’ve almost snagged it a few times, but I was a little Scrooge-y at the time) for Cult Nails Toxic Seaweed. So, fellow blogger Naked Without Polish tempted me with my BIGGEST lemming, and we decided to go the Christmas swap route again! I am SO glad I did. I enjoyed putting together her package and CANNOT wait ’til she gets it! So, you want to see what she got me? They’re gorg.

She got me 4 A Girl Obsessed holos. And, I have to say I’m definitely a girl obsessed!!

Here’s Crystal Green Orchid – a stunning green! Here it is at 3 coats – it’s a bit sheer here, but I think in person, it looked perfect!



Gimmel Your Gelt is a gold holo – I’ve definitely been wanting one of those, so I was realllllly excited about this one! 3 coats shown below:



Rubies in the Sand is a stunning pink-red! Amazing!!! Check it out at 3 coats:



Becky had this made for her Secret Santa, but she liked it so much she had a few more made! This is the spectacular Secret Santa Baby, a mint holo! Wowsers!



Aren’t those amazing?! I am definitely going to keep a watch out on A Girl Obsessed.

Facebook: A Girl Obsessed
Website: A Girl Obsessed

Cult Nails Toxic Seaweed and Seduction are two polishes that have been on the top of my lemmings list. I had a hard time getting my hands on Toxic Seaweed and I ended up wanting Seduction, but you know the drill of no buys! I’m SO excited to have finally gotten these because they are EXTRAORDINARY!

Toxic Seaweed is just super stunning- here it is at 3 coats.


Seduction is an amazing purple jelly FILLED with multi-colored flakes. WOW. 3 coats shown here:


And, of course, you can find the beautiful Maria and her beautiful creations at the links below:

Facebook: Cult Nails
Website: Cult Nails

Gifted these by the beautiful Becky from Naked Without Polish. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. You know what? Those Cult Nails are now my lemmings, lol! Either I’ve never seen swatches of them or something, but wow I seriously need BOTH OF THEM!

  2. I love that gold!

  3. SO pretty!!

  4. Lovely polishes here. Those holos are amazing!!

  5. Secret Santa Baby is BEAUTIFUL! And those Cult Nails are two of my favorites 🙂

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