Christmas Swap Package 2013 + Swatches/Review


So, you may remember last year, Galactic Lacquer and I did a Christmas Swap INITIALLY for butter London Black Knight, BUT we took a step back and realized it was near Christmas time, and we did a full-blown Christmas swap! It was SO MUCH FUN. I’ve been searching HIGH AND LOW (I’ve almost snagged it a few times, but I was a little Scrooge-y at the time) for Cult Nails Toxic Seaweed. So, fellow blogger Naked Without Polish tempted me with my BIGGEST lemming, and we decided to go the Christmas swap route again! I am SO glad I did. I enjoyed putting together her package and CANNOT wait ’til she gets it! So, you want to see what she got me? They’re gorg.

She got me 4 A Girl Obsessed holos. And, I have to say I’m definitely a girl obsessed!!

Here’s Crystal Green Orchid – a stunning green! Here it is at 3 coats – it’s a bit sheer here, but I think in person, it looked perfect!



Gimmel Your Gelt is a gold holo – I’ve definitely been wanting one of those, so I was realllllly excited about this one! 3 coats shown below:



Rubies in the Sand is a stunning pink-red! Amazing!!! Check it out at 3 coats:



Becky had this made for her Secret Santa, but she liked it so much she had a few more made! This is the spectacular Secret Santa Baby, a mint holo! Wowsers!



Aren’t those amazing?! I am definitely going to keep a watch out on A Girl Obsessed.

Facebook: A Girl Obsessed
Website: A Girl Obsessed

Cult Nails Toxic Seaweed and Seduction are two polishes that have been on the top of my lemmings list. I had a hard time getting my hands on Toxic Seaweed and I ended up wanting Seduction, but you know the drill of no buys! I’m SO excited to have finally gotten these because they are EXTRAORDINARY!

Toxic Seaweed is just super stunning- here it is at 3 coats.


Seduction is an amazing purple jelly FILLED with multi-colored flakes. WOW. 3 coats shown here:


And, of course, you can find the beautiful Maria and her beautiful creations at the links below:

Facebook: Cult Nails
Website: Cult Nails

Gifted these by the beautiful Becky from Naked Without Polish. All opinions are honest and my own.


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