Colores de Carol Love’s Maiden Voyage Collection + Black Tie + Cocktail Dress Swatches/Review


First off, we have Love’s Maiden Voyage Collection inspired by Titanic. Now, here’s a little anecdote from myself about Titanic. I had NEVER seen Titanic until 2 or 3 years ago. I remember when it came out in 7th grade and the halls were abuzz with Leonardo DiCaprio being oh-so-dreamy and better looking than then-heartthrob JTT (Jonathan Taylor Thomas), and Kate Winslet‘s scandalous scene (well, for a teenager, it was! And, it kind of still is.) When it made its premiere on television, I decided to watch it. I still remember I had just made parmesan encrusted chicken and it was eventually covered in tears. Even though, I knew at each second what was coming, I cried. Anyway, that’s my little Titanic story! Let’s take a look at this gorgeous collection:

Jack’s Rose is a gorgeous blushed white with rose gold shimmer. It’s absolutely lovely and classic – kind of perfect like Jack & Rose. Here’s 3 coats.


Dinner at 8 is a “Gemstone/Diamond” topper that looks FABULOUS over any polish – I have it over Jack’s Rose – I’m ready for Dinner at 8! Are you? Here’s 1 coat.


Little did I know this vintage grey was a thermal, BUT it is supposed to go from the light grey you see to a gorgeous medium grey! It’s also filled with scattered holographic sparkle! Isn’t this perfectly elegant? Here’s 3 coats.


I’m always in awe of anything blue or sapphire probably because I’m a September baby and I love sapphires, my birthstone. So, this gorgeous shade just had me at 3 coats. Look at this perfect jelly linear holographic navy! WOW!



Okay, now we have some ADORABLE bow glitters! I mean, c’mon, what could be cuter?!

Cocktail dress is a white-based polish with pink and purple and includes PINK BOWS! I mean, ahhh! Too cute – reminds me of Minnie Mouse! Shake this baby UPSIDE DOWN and you’ll get a bow on each finger like I did. Mine came out in the 2nd coat and got jelly sandwiched in the 3rd coat, but I guarantee they’re there!


Black Tie – well, let me say I think bowties are SO cute. And, this gorgeous holographic and black glitter topper is just adorbs! I used 3 coats over 1912, and it was perfection.


These are available NOW at Colores de Carol’s Shop!

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