Number 4 Haircare Holiday Set #1Knot-ty or Nice – “Sparkle & Spray” Photos/Review


When it comes to the Holidays, your hair is JUST as important as your face! If not, more. I feel good when my hair looks good, so when I was given the opportunity to review the Number 4 Hair Care “Knot-ty or Nice” 2013 Holiday Collection Tied with Maddyloo Hair Ties, I was really excited to share this with you! This set includes: Mighty Hair Spray 10oz, Fluoro5 Elixer™ 2oz (shine treatment) plus Maddyloo Hair Band Set (Maddyloo Hair Band set includes 2 hair ties (black and charcoal skinny glitter) and 1 black glitter headband – perfect for creating a messy bun or a polished pony – gift with purchase).

Let’s take a closer look:


Photo provided by PR.

Mighty Hair Spray had a floral smell. It did help keep my hair the style I wanted to. I rarely use hair sprays because the chemical scents most have really give me headaches. I spritzed this lightly in my hair, and I did notice that by night time, the scent (which is definitely not bad, but not my favorite, either) was still there but so was my hairstyle, so that was a plus.


Fluoro5 Elixer™ is definitely one of my new favorite “shine treatments” for my hair as it smoothed down every free strand of hair and it really gave my messy bun a refined look, as you will see later. The smell is nice, as well. Definitely something that didn’t bother my nose or give me a headache either.


I’m really big on headbands and hairties. If my son sees a headband, he always says, “Momma”. That’s how often I wear them. So, I was really excited when I saw these sparkly “holographic” headbands and hairties. Let’s take a closer look and then we’ll discuss.



Ooh, so glittery (but it’s not made up of glitter!)  so you won’t find sparkle particles in your hair. It was a bit tight for me, but I did still wear it to my son’s Christmas party today! It was a really cute accessory! 🙂



And, how cute are these hairties?! Very cute!! Unfortunately for me, it pulled out a LOT of my hair. I won’t show you a visual, though! But, here’s how I used it!


And, like this:


So, which hairstyle is YOUR favorite? These 3 are ALL do-able! Perfect for a knot-ty or nice Holiday and beyond! 😉

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  1. I’m a big fan of No. 4 Hair Care!

  2. I love that sparkly headband! Your hair is so gorgeous and shiny!

  3. Super cute!

  4. Very cute!

  5. Such a cute headband! I’ve never tried their products but they look very nice!

  6. Love that you include info about the scents, as I’m sensitive to hair product fragrance too. Sorry to hear you got some hair plled out with those, cause every look is pretty with them!

  7. That hairband is completely adorable!

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