Number 4 Haircare Holiday Set #1Knot-ty or Nice – “Sparkle & Spray” Photos/Review


When it comes to the Holidays, your hair is JUST as important as your face! If not, more. I feel good when my hair looks good, so when I was given the opportunity to review the Number 4 Hair Care “Knot-ty or Nice” 2013 Holiday Collection Tied with Maddyloo Hair Ties, I was really excited to share this with you! This set includes: Mighty Hair Spray 10oz, Fluoro5 Elixer™ 2oz (shine treatment) plus Maddyloo Hair Band Set (Maddyloo Hair Band set includes 2 hair ties (black and charcoal skinny glitter) and 1 black glitter headband – perfect for creating a messy bun or a polished pony – gift with purchase).

Let’s take a closer look:


Photo provided by PR.

Mighty Hair Spray had a floral smell. It did help keep my hair the style I wanted to. I rarely use hair sprays because the chemical scents most have really give me headaches. I spritzed this lightly in my hair, and I did notice that by night time, the scent (which is definitely not bad, but not my favorite, either) was still there but so was my hairstyle, so that was a plus.


Fluoro5 Elixer™ is definitely one of my new favorite “shine treatments” for my hair as it smoothed down every free strand of hair and it really gave my messy bun a refined look, as you will see later. The smell is nice, as well. Definitely something that didn’t bother my nose or give me a headache either.


I’m really big on headbands and hairties. If my son sees a headband, he always says, “Momma”. That’s how often I wear them. So, I was really excited when I saw these sparkly “holographic” headbands and hairties. Let’s take a closer look and then we’ll discuss.



Ooh, so glittery (but it’s not made up of glitter!)  so you won’t find sparkle particles in your hair. It was a bit tight for me, but I did still wear it to my son’s Christmas party today! It was a really cute accessory! 🙂



And, how cute are these hairties?! Very cute!! Unfortunately for me, it pulled out a LOT of my hair. I won’t show you a visual, though! But, here’s how I used it!


And, like this:


So, which hairstyle is YOUR favorite? These 3 are ALL do-able! Perfect for a knot-ty or nice Holiday and beyond! 😉

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