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Hi, beauties! Sometimes, we discuss things completely off-topic, and today is one of them! You may remember I reviewed the SodaStream Genesis. Both are GREAT gift ideas for the upcoming Holidays (Seriously, it’s just around the corner!!)! The Genesis, which I previously reviewed (see link above), is a model that is simple, sleek and easy to place just about anywhere, but for those of you who are interested in a model that not only looks good but works well, then this is for you!


It comes “assembled” – you just need to attach the carbonator into the back.


And, shut the “door” and you’re almost ready to go!


Pop in the bottle that is provided with your starter kit, and voila! (The Genesis comes with 2 plastic bottles! Note: These are not dishwasher safe so invest in a bottle brush!)


You push in the section above the lights, and 3 times and it will make a sound (not as shriek as the Genesis, but enough!) and the LED lights will also start to shine letting you know that the carbonation process has been done!


Above is the BEST picture I could get of it “going to town” with the carbonation!

And, here’s how the lights look:


They continue flashing from 1 to 2 to 3, and do so until you remove the bottle.

The SodaStream Source comes with samples of flavors, the carbonator, and the plastic bottle.12

Here are some flavors that can be purchased:


And, if you’re not a fan of sodas, you can also create carbonated water drinks!


OR, create an adult beverage by making your own mixer! YUM – I want to try this SO bad! 😀


Photo from SodaStream’s website.

And, just like the Genesis, you add flavor into the cap and mix gently (as not to disturb the fizz) and it’s ready to go!


In my household, this machine is PERFECT because we don’t drink sodas very often, but when we do we enjoy the taste of homemade, fresh soda. What I found with the Source was that it is quite the sleek model, heavier than the Genesis (but I love the style of the Source best! It fits in with my kitchen!) and the soda is much fizzier than the Genesis. Why? I think the LED lights really help you KNOW that the water has fizzed!

I would definitely recommend this as a gift for Christmas because it’s definitely a fun machine to have at home! It has saved us a lot of trips to the grocery store/gas station JUST for a cold drink!

What do you think? Will this be gracing your wishlist or making it onto your to-gift list?

To purchase Sodastream, you can check out their website. If you have a Costco near you, I know that they sell it there, as well, and they also have coupons, so you could grab it at a great deal!

You can also “LIKE” them on their Facebook page. Or, follow them on Twitter.

Press sample. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. I’m not a soda or carbonated drink person, but I have lots of friends that love this!

    • Yes, I know what you mean – we rarely drink soda, but when we do – we prefer it fresh like this! Plus, this is definitely convenient and definitely a great conversation starter at any party! 😉

  2. Great review! I’ve wanted a Soda Stream for so long!

  3. What a cool concept – Thanks for sharing!

  4. Very interesting! I’ve been curious about the Soda Stream since I first saw it in stores a few years back. How do you find the flavors? I recently watched a review video, and the reviewer thought that the flavors didn’t taste anything like “the real thing”.

  5. I’ve been so close to buying a machine like this for my mother-in-law. She uses one of those fancy water machines. It would be perfect if she could make her soda with it.

    • Honestly, it’s the PERFECT gift! It’s one of those items you’d rather be gifted than purchase for yourself, in my opinion! If you get one for her, let me know what she thinks about it! I’d love to hear it! <3

  6. For a long time I’ve thought about buying this for my husband. He is literally ADDICTED to diet soda and I try to get him to quit all the time, but at least with this we could save some money in the long run!!

  7. Ooh I want one of these so bad!! Been thinking of getting one for while now!

  8. I love my sodastream!

  9. This is very interesting. Never heard of them. Lol…

    Interesting indeed. Lovely review

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