LVX 2014 Winter Resort Collection Swatches/Review


Yep, that’s right. You just read 2014. Crazy! This year has sped right by and I’ve found a LOT of new brands to try out and am loving everything! LVX is a great brand that has created a collection that is innovative for them – sparkling jewel tones AND textured glitters. And, I must stop and say THANK YOU for getting my Facebook page to 3,000! I’m SO proud of that milestone and it wouldn’t be possible without any of you readers. Okay, again, I get mushy and gushy – must.move.on. (3 coats on all – no top coat shown)


Magenta          Bold Fuschia
Sappir          Striking Sapphire
Avalon          Multifaceted Bronze
Graphite         Saturated Silver Chrome
Caviar         Textured Glitter Black
Scarlet          Mysterious Maroon

Magenta – wow, magenta is one of my FAVORITE colors of all time! This is one stunning deep lit-from-within shade! I can’t get enough of this! I’m planning to get this one my hands and toes for the Holidays!


I tried to get as close as possible to show you that lit-from-within effect I spoke of. This is a must.have.

As a September baby, Sappir was close to my heart. This is another lit-from-within shade! Dare I say: A-M-A-Z-E-B-A-L-L-S!


Huge, huge fan of these types of shades. Keep ’em coming, LVX – I want a green like this, pretty please.

Avalon – another one!! Just stunning! This bronze was so beautiful – I have to show you TWO pictures.



Just so chocolatey! Reminds me of hot cocoa.

Graphite was one I was not too fond of. Although it’s a gorgeous silver, I am not a fan of brushstrokes. This one is pretty pigmented, though! I needed 2 coats on this one.


It was a bit of a chameleon, though. It kind of reflects light and makes it look different!

Caviar! Now, I have never tried caviar (and probably never will) but it definitely epitomizes luxury and delicacies. When I painted my nails with Caviar, I forgot it was a texture, so when I saw the black jelly bubble up, I kind of freaked out that the room was too hot, but then I remembered, “Hey, it’s a texture!” It didn’t get as textured as I thought it would, so I think next time I’m going to wear it with a few layers of top coat!


 Scarlet definitely is mysterious – is it maroon? Is it purple? What the heck is this gorgeous color?! I don’t know, but I love it – this is a jelly filled with scarlet glitters. So pretty for Holiday parties!


What do you think of LVX’s 2014 Winter Resort Collection?! I think they did an awesome job!!

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