Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms (Partial) Collection Swatches/Review


I’ve been searching HIGH & LOW for these matte balms, and I finally got my paws on them. I picked 4 because well – I am getting to the point where I have more lipsticks than I can handle and these look great but I wanted to check them out first. Good news – they did pretty great! Here are the colors I selected:


L-R: Standout, Shameless, Elusive and Unapologetic

I’m a HUGE fan of mattes and retro mattes, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, so as soon as I heard about these, I stalked them. I hope Revlon comes out with more because they were pretty impressive. Once you open them, you see that they are lip crayons, BUT they are not sheer as you would think. They are quite opaque. I loved this! The scent is a strong peppermint, and I’ll be honest that this did bother me a bit because my eyes started to water as I applied this and I’ve been wearing Standout for like 2 hours now and my eyes can still feel the peppermint! The plus? Well, it does smell delicious and freshens your breath?

Let’s start with my absolute favorite. You’ll be surprised because it was NOT the purple. It was the red. Standout!


Nothing like another sexy red.


Since I once got an email from a loving reader telling me to smile more – here is a smiling pic – I LOVED this so much that I wore it out for an errand. It got quite the compliments. Obviously my “studio” photo is more accurate. I think this compares A LOT to MAC Deeply Adored! I’m still wearing this and my lips don’t feel chapped at all – it’s a moisturizing matte. I seriously am in awe of this shade. (I’m hoping these are permanent.)


There’s a purple in this collection? Yep! Revlon made a GORGEOUS purple matte, and I’m so thrilled about how drugstore brands are making these “unlikely” colors. I love Shameless.


Swooning over this picture because it just looks so deliciously purple!


And it is!!!!! What a purple. What a purple. What a mighty good purple!

On my wishlist is MAC Mehr (which is a permanent shade, so I haven’t rushed it), and this color looked really close to it, but I’m not so sure it works completely as a dupe. I still NEED Mehr. I didn’t really like this shade on me at all. It washed me out completely and made my eyes look enormous. It was the driest of the matte balms too! As you can see, it sunk into my lip lines.



Lastly, for the brighter color lovers, Unapologetic is for you! This bright pink/fuchsia is outstanding. It packed a lot of pigment, but again, there was something off about it, to me. It must’ve been the drier formula and the fact that it sunk into my lip lines.



There are more colors to this collection and there is also a separate collection of Lip Lacquers that apparently have shimmer and are sheerer. I did not pick any of these up because I’m not much for sheer lipglosses and shimmer. I do love my opaque lippies a lot more. I found these at Rite Aid, Target, and CVS so far. I’m sure you can find these at other drugstores too, so go check for them if you’re loving them!

Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.


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