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With Thanksgiving right around the corner, Christmas will creep up faster than anything! Have you finished YOUR Christmas shopping? Mine was pretty easy, so I got it done – what’s funny is I am VERY SLOW with my wishlist this year. I have NO idea what I want to narrow it down to. Seriously. I should write a post on ALL the things I want for Christmas. Would you like that? Anyways, here’s a gift that would be perfect for your beauty/cosmetic/bath-aholic lovers’ Christmas present. Let’s take a sneak peek at what’s in the box, and then we’ll get to the deets.

LushGiftListPhoto from LUSH Cosmetics.

All the products were neatly packaged in an already gift-wrapped box, like so:



So, for all the people who laze away from gift wrapping – this is totally awesome – it’s already ready to give!!

Let’s talk about the products that came in the giftbox! My box was SUPER SCENTED and it was divine – smelled just like marzipan and CHRISTMAS! ๐Ÿ™‚

First up is the Buffy Body Butter – a smooth body bar that smelled SO delicious! Like fresh-baked cookies! Totally recommend this product for a nice exfoliating and moisturizing bath/shower and to keep hydrated all Winter.


The Snowflake Soap smelled like marzipan! I really just wanted to take a bite out of it (but don’t – it’s really soap!). Lather up with this and I promise you will smell like a Christmas treat!


I’m a fiend for roses. I have pink roses growing in my front yard, and they always smell SO DIVINE – actually they were still growing up until September, and this bath gel smells IDENTICAL to it – it’s like floating in a bath full of rose petals!


Dream Cream Body Cream is a really moisturizing cream, and I’ve been slathering it on ever since I’ve received it, and believe me, it’s helped my skin stay hydrated. I still can’t get a hold on what the scent is, so if someone can hint me on that, I’d totally appreciate it!! Smells pretty herbal.


Ocean Salt Cleanser smells like a margarita – salt on the rim and all – when I touched it, I expected to be rough and coarse, but my finger sunk in as if I were touching whipped buttercream – it’s that fluffy and delightful. I LOVE the scent of fresh lime, so this was right up my alley. I did not try this on my face because my skin is really sensitive, but it felt SO GOOD on my hands! I topped it off with Dream Cream afterwards, and it felt perfect!


Lemony Flutter is a product I’ve used before and absolutely love! It’s a cuticle butter that is thick and really moisturizes and softens your cuticles. It smells lemony (obviously!) but if you’re looking for a cuticle butter, I’d definitely recommend this one!


I also received the Gold Fun soap. It’s a LIMITED EDITION soap that is kind of like play dough. My son LOVES this soap because not only does it lather him up and create “BUBBLES!”, but he can fold it up, squish it, and you know, stick it into the wall so Mommy can clean it up later! ๐Ÿ˜‰ It smells really good, too! Just like Christmas candies!


To purchase THIS gift or to see what other gifts are available, follow the links below! I think I’d be excited if I got a box similar to this one under the tree. I’m a bath-aholic.

I love the fact that they do NOT test on animals, the products are handmade AND vegetarian – that makes me FALL IN LOVE with Lush every time I walk into their store. They really and truly care.

I mean, doesn’t this show it?!


Website: lushusa.comย /ย  Facebook: LUSH Cosmetics

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