SinfulColors Leather Luxe & Crystal Crushes (Partial) Collection Swatches/Review


Happy Friday! Today, I have a long-pending post. I had initially swatched 3 of 4 of these on my long nails a few weeks ago, but then before I could get that last swatch in, I had to cut my nails to nubbies. So, long story short (pun intended!) I wanted it to be even (not the nails, but the pictures!) so I re-swatched last night. I’ve had a bad cold, so I’m staying away from the lippies for a little while as not to make them all yucky.

SinfulColors, as most of us know, is a great brand that is available at drugstores. It’s quite affordable, as well – at .99 cents to around $2.99. A lot of colors have duped high-end brands, and this is a great way to save money and follow all the trends. Two such trends are “leather” finishes (also known as, mattes) and textures! Here are 4 great colors that are trendy AND affordable!

Let’s start with Cold Leather, a gorgeous, deep navy blue matte. I love this and wore this with a textured accent nail. (not pictured, sorry! :(- it was outrageously gorgeous!) It dried pretty quickly and needed 3 coats for a smooth finish. Of course, do not top with top coat.


Strapped is a lovely medium green that was really sheer to work with. It dried slower than Cold Leather, but only needed 2 coats.


On to the textured collection, Crystal Crushes.

First, I want to show you Face the Facets, an amazingggg yellow sparkle texture. I compared it to Zoya Solange on my toes, but Solange is much more golden than this one, so no dupes here. Here is 3 coats.


And, Treasure Chest – a mermaid seafoam green with gold sparkle. Here is 3 coats.


You can usually find these at all your local drugstores and even Target. For more information on these and more from SinfulColors, follow the links below!

Facebook: SinfulColors

Press sample. All opinions are honest and my own.


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