Maybelline Color Elixirs Liquid Balms (Partial) Swatches/Review


Press sample.

I was super excited to receive this package yesterday, and I decided to get all dressed up and get the Maybelline Color Elixirs all swatched and reviewed for you!! I got 5 gorgeous shades, and I can’t wait to share them with you, so let’s get going!!

MaybellineColor Elixirs

(L-R) Breathtaking Apricot, Celestial Coral, Mandarin Rapture, Signature Scarlet and Vision in Violet.

The packaging is quite adorable on these, and of course, I’m LOVING the fact that I can see the product through the thick plastic (good news for those with toddlers – mine likes to pull out lipstick from my purse and open it for Momma, which, of course, means Momma screams. Oh, and the hard, thick plastic means he can’t break it (and probably can’t open it, either – phew!)

The doe foot applicator is in the shape of a tear, and I can’t say enough how much I love the shape and angle of this because it applies wonderfully and with ease.


Breathtaking Apricot is a gorgeous subtle peach that gives my lips a jelly look and gives them a nice peach tint. Of course, keep in mind that these shades are NOT lipsticks and they are not going to be as opaque as you would imagine, so the lighter colors are just going to give you a nice tint and will be different according your natural pigmentation. This one also had a bit of shimmer!


Celestial Coral is a sweet candy pink on my lips, and it’s a good glossy color for a morning out or for errands.


Mandarin Rapture is a gorgeous orange (with a bit of red) jelly gloss that just looked amazing! If you love orange lip gloss/lipstick, you NEED this!!


Signature Scarlet surprised me (but not too much because I believe the ad for these shows the woman wearing an opaque red gloss)! It was amazing, and I think this is perfect for when I don’t want a full-on red or a matte red. “The more reds, the merrier,” says my lip gloss/lipstick collection.


I saved MY FAVORITE for last. Um, can you guess what color it might be!? LOL! Purple, of course. Vision in Violet is a strong purple gloss that is almost opaque, as well.


Seriously, if you missed Heroine – these Maybelline lip glosses and lipsticks are just perfect substitutes. GO MAYBELLINE!

These Color Elixirs are amazing. I loved the fact that they glided on and some were natural and the darker colors were a bit more opaque. I want to try some more dark ones! The scent of this is very floral – almost reminded me of a men’s cologne. But it’s not too strong, and did not trigger any of my many allergies, so that’s good news. It’s not very sticky, at all, for those of you wondering, and the last is pretty good (if not eating, drinking, etc – I mean, it IS lip gloss). I give this product an A!

Here’s the arm swatches of these:


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Press sample. All opinions are honest and my own.


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