Lipscape Republic Lipstick Swatches/Review


Press sample.

I remember when I first laid my eyes on an orange and then a purple lipstick, and I thought, “Wow, that’s outside MY crayon box!” Well, I wore it and couldn’t get ENOUGH of it, and that became one of my favorite shades to wear. Today, I’m going to share with you a lipstick that is definitely outside my crayon box, but it was SO fun to wear.


Republic is an olive green shade – the most gorgeous shade of green – and I thought it looked really nice with my skintone.


I am skeptical of how often I will wear this, but once I put it upon my lips, I had a fun idea I wanted to try out for Halloween, and I will share that with you! The formula of the lipstick was creamy and it did take a little pressure to put on the lips, but it was not completely difficult.

Here’s my first look – NON-HALLOWEEN! πŸ™‚


Then, for my Halloween look, I just added some “spiderwebs” around my eye and down my cheek.


Then, I “frosted” it with some white eyeshadow.


There are some really gorgeous shades of lipsticks that I definitely want to try! Like a blue, beige… and I’m getting braver, so maybe ALL OF THEM!! πŸ˜€

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