Finder’s Key Purse “Wine on the Vine” Review + Giveaway


Press sample.

Do you have a purse full of makeup and other goodies that you often lose your keys?! Yes? Join the club! I will have to admit I have since dumped the diaper bag and taken a more trendy bag and still store diapers, snacks, MAKEUP and the like and I would lose my phone AND my keys A LOT, but since receiving this awesome “doodad” I have since been stress-free and really enjoy going out (not that I didn’t before, but just MORE so!)

Let’s take a look, and I’ll talk about it some more.


I chose the “wine lovers” design because it was gorgeous to me (I don’t drink very much, so this has nothing to do with my choice! Hehe!) Cute packaging!


Here’s a close-up of how it looks clipped onto my purse. Not too shabby, eh?


It’s not very distracting from your chic purse. 😉 I think it makes it more chic. 😀


Here’s how it looks. And, it’s SIMPLE to use. Just clip onto your key ring.

Like so,


And, ta-da!!


I love this a lot because I just clip onto my purse and go – there’s no digging through lipsticks, diapers (clean, of course!) and receipts (wink! wink!) and all that other jazz that may be in your purse. But, let’s get to the GOOD part, shall we?

NOW, how would you like to win your very own Finder’s Key Purse?

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Press sample. All opinions are honest and my own.


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