Nicole by OPI Cinna-man of my Dreams & That’s What I Mint Swatches/Review


I was strolling along in Target minding my own business (which is of course, cosmetics) when I came upon the Nicole by OPI Gumdrops display. As it was just a couple days after my birthday, I tossed them (gently, duh!) into the cart. My son looked at me with a mischievous smile because he knows this is what Momma does best – shopping for cosmetics and wearing them, too.

I picked up two, and I was more than excited to put them on, so I removed a painfully difficult glitter polish to wear these (you will see what I was wearing prior to these later on, I’m positive!). These textured beauties take two coats and not much time to dry off into this form. The wide brush of Nicole by OPI polishes are a little difficult to manage, but once you get the hang, you will become a pro. The shape of the bottle is another story!

First off, Cinna-man of my Dreams – what a name! So cute! I love cinnamon – in fact, I used to keep a cinnamon broom on my bedroom door during the Fall/Holidays. It was heavenly, and lasted just up until Spring. For $4, not bad. Before I miss the point, this polish looks almost identical to cinnamon sticks! That same shade of reddish brown and everything! Let’s take a look!


Doesn’t it almost look like the surface of Mars?

With top coat, it was absolutely positively stunning! It complete transforms!


That’s What I Mint, a gorgeous teal texture is deliciously fun – these shades are perfect for the Fall – I see myself picking these colors over brights – must be that crisp Autumn air and the leaves slowly making their way down.


Kind of reminds me of mermaids.


Yep, definitely mermaids!

What do you think of these textures? Love or leave them?

Nothing to disclose.


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