Jordana Cosmetics NEW Products & Shade Extensions for 2013 (Partial) Swatches/Review


Press sample.

This is going to be a very heavy post, but I’m going to try to get through it all as smoothly as possible. We will go by categories and take a look at some NEW products & shade extensions for 2013 (which will be available at Walgreens!)

Stock photos are from Jordana’s PR.

Twist & Shine Moisturizing Balm Stain


I have for you all Tropical Frenzy, Candied Coral and Honey Love. They were all more pigmented than I imagined and had barely any scent. They left a gorgeous stain after removal, and they felt really light on! Loved these so much – been wearing them everywhere!

Here’s Tropical Frenzy, a gorgeous bright pink:



Candied Coral is a beautiful shade of coral! Love this one!



And, Honey Love, a perfect neutral lip balm stain. Gorgeous for anytime anywhere!



12 HR Made to Last Eyeshadow Pencils

jordanaeyeshadowpencilsThese eyeshadow pencils were very impressive for the price! These were much more pigmented than some expensive eyeshadows I’ve used. In one stroke, complete opacity was reached! Let’s take a look!

Prolong Purple, with red flecks, was absolutely stunning!!


Continuous Almond, the perfect highlighting shade or for your browbone, is a beautiful beige-tone.


Eternal White is a clean white that is perfect for highlight your eyelash lines or your eyelids for a bigger eye look!



And, here’s what I did with all 3:


Now, you might have been looking at these and thinking Hey! That mascara looks great and so does that liquid liner! Which one is that? It’s also Jordana’s!

Best Volume Extreme Voluminizing Mascara



This mascara was unbelievable for the price of $3.99. I think I actually prefer it to the mascara I am used to, and might actually switch permanently to this one. This mascara was clump-free and gave me the perfect lashes!

Fabuliner Bold Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner



Again, I feel that I will be switching permanently to this liquid eyeliner because it was perfection! It gave me the perfect black line in one stroke and didn’t feather, falter or smear. It also let me draw on a steady line and also was sensitive to my eyelid because there was no need to press hard to get an opaque black line. It felt like a marker and was amazing!

Here is both used together:


Do I still have your attention? 😉

12 HR Liquid Eyeliner Pencil

jordanaliquideyelinerpencilOkay, these – well, I need them all, and more of the ones I received because these are fabulous! I am so happy with this brand that I am really making the switch and I’m not just saying that because these were samples. I really am willing to use only Jordana products – great quality and killer price!! These eyeliners went on so smoothly and opaquely that by habit, I kind of pressed too hardly with one of them and it broke. Well, you only need a light hand with these and your pencils will still give you the haute looks that it once took an iron hand to do.

Black Point is my favorite go-to black eyeliner now. It lasted maybe 5 hours on me before it started to fade because I have watery eyes thanks to seasonal allergies, but that’s pretty good for me!


Aqua Stone was stone cold sexy because it gave my eyes a new look and made them look bigger too – what a great shade!


Jade Jewel is the one I broke because I was coloring in my eyelids when in reality all I needed was to continue using a light hand instead of pressing down as I did with my old eyeliner. What a sexy emerald shade for Pantone, too. I need several of these!!




Phew! We made it through them all! What did you think? Will you be picking up any of these?

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Press sample. Stock Photos are from Jordana’s PR. All opinions are honest and my own.