LVX Fall Collection 2013 Swatches/Review


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LVX has come out with collections based on the runway fashions, and I have to say they always hit a homerun! I especially LOVE the collection for this Fall! Super gorgeous! Let’s get started!


Cashmere is almost an almond shade that is fabulous. It’s an off white that you have to expect to be a little streaky, but after 4 thin coats, it looked amazing! I really enjoyed this shade – it’s the perfect palate cleanser after wearing neons and brights!


Viridis, an emerald shade, for the Pantone color of the year, is perfect! I was SO thrilled to see an emerald shade because I’m a green lover. Viridis is a blue-leaning emerald. This one went on smoothly and perfectly and was opaque in 3 coats.


Dahlia is a blackened red crelly that is absolutely breathtaking! On first coat, it looks bright red, but darkens as you add on coats. 3 coats make it fun and squishy-like!


Relique is a greyish lavender (also known as taupe), which is a great color this Fall! This one went on flawlessly in 3 coats.


Cliquot is a softened coral that is quite flattering and can be a great nude for some skintones. This is not as streaky as Cashmere and is lovely in 3 coats.


Last but not least is Azzurrum, a navy crelly that is such a great shade for the Fall. 3 coats and it is so beautiful!


Aren’t these gorgeous? Which one is your favorite?


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