The Wet Brush Shine & The Wet Pop Review


Press sample.

Do you sometimes go a couple (to a few) days without washing your hair and you need a brush to help you get that dry shampoo into your roots? Well, one of these brushes is for you. The other, well… you will definitely want one of these for your purse or backpack!

Let’s take a look at the two!


First, we have the Wet Brush Shine, which really helped my hair look sleek even when I didn’t wash my hair. I really liked this brush, and I think it was great to help incorporate dry shampoo throughout my hair from roots to tips. It was not a prickly brush, so that was a feature I really enjoyed. I would definitely recommend this for tough to manage hair as it really helped tame and style.

Here are some of the features of the Shine brush:

• Featuring Mongolian Boar Bristles
• Brushes natural oils from your scalp through the hair.
• Adds luster and shine
• Great for brushing dry shampoo throughout the hair.
• For thick, curly or straight hair.

Here’s how the brush looks close up:


Next, we have something every girl OR guy needs in their purse or backpack/briefcase. This is an on-the-go palm-sized Wet Brush called the Wet Pop. Cute as can be, this little mini has a mirror and a tiny brush for those always on the go. This one will always be in my purse as I do love to touch up my hair a lot, as it gets frizzy, etc. Don’t be fooled by its size! It acts just as well as a full-size Wet Brush! I absolutely love the handle it has on my hair!


Here’s how it looks closed!




And, some of its features:

• Featuring StyleFlex™ bristles.
• Integrated mirror.
• Foldable compact design.
• Great for touch-ups and travel.
• Works great on wet or dry hair.
• Perfect for men, women & kids

I can tell you honestly that I now swear by the Wet Brush, as I have always brushed my hair when wet, then added Chi Silk Infusion/Hairstyling Crème, styled with hairbrush, and then added hairspray or straightened, so this was a must for me. I have noticed with the use of the Wet Brush, I have not had much hair fall or damage either! This is a definite plus for me. What do you think? Is this on your shopping list?

Website: Wet Brush
Facebook: The Wet Brush

Press sample. All opinions are honest and my own.


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