SinfulColors SinfulShine Mardi Gras + Amazonian Swatches/Review


Press sample.

Every woman deserves to shine. Now she can…with SinfulShine™ – a new high-shine, trend-setting collection of nail polish launching in 2013 from SinfulColors.

The new SinfulShine™ high-gloss, high shine nail polish with Gel TechTM is a self-curing polymer formula that delivers the same high shine gloss as an acrylic UV cured gel without the hassle of a special lamp.  SinfulShine™ is five times more glossy than a patent leather shoe*… now that’s shine!!!

* 2012 Glossmeter Study.


  • Gel TechTM technology formula provides opulent, rich color and brilliant shine
  • Plasticizer System for smooth application and helps prevents chipping
  • Gloss Finish, smooth application without a special lamp
  • Made in the USA; Formaldehyde, Toluene and DPB free, never tested on animals


PRICE/AVAILABILITY: $2.99 exclusively at Walgreens stores.

I’ve always been really interested in trying a gel manicure, but have always been wary about removal and etc. These SinfulShines are meant to give you the gel manicure look without a curing lamp! And, removal is easy, too!!

Let’s take a look at the two colors I received for review: Mardi Gras, a gorgeous coral and Amazonia, a stunning emerald with glass flecks!!

Mardi Gras is with absolutely no doubt a stunning coral that is right-on trend for the Summer this year (hey! Summer is not really over yet!!) and it has a perfect shine. I did have a bit trouble with this one as it is thin and tended to flood my cuticles. In reality, this beauty wanted to be opaque in 1 coat, but the thin formula was making that a bit streaky. Careful polishing will give great results. Eventually, you will need 2 coats, as shown below.


Amazonian was most definitely my favorite! I love emerald – and guess what?! It’s also the Pantone color of the year, so YOU need this!! I had to show more than 1 picture of this because… well, it deserves it! GORGEOUS. It’s sheer in 1 coat, a little thin, but not as hard to manage as Mardi Gras! I eventually did 3 coats. I love this polish!!!!!




Wowsers!! Gorgeous – I am really wanting Most Sinful, but haven’t seen it yet, but I will continue stalking!!

Hope they come out with more fun shades!

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Press sample. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. Hi…I agree, Amazonia is ridiculously pretty. Question though: I bought one of the Sinful Shines, a blue one which had the same issues with flooding. While I wore it, I was very pleased with it but when I removed it (using 100% acetone), it gave me the worst staining of any nail polish I’ve ever owned, including many other blues. I also wore two coats of OPI Nail Envy underneath. I couldn’t throw the bottle away fast enough; the staining was so bad, I wasn’t even willing to give it to anyone. I haven’t bought another Sinful Shine because of that experience, but I admit I stop and admire the pretty colors at the display. Did you have any staining issues at all with either of these two colors? Many thanks. I loooove your blog. I follow every post because you’re so talented! Delphi

    • Aww, you’re so sweet, thank you, Delphi! <3

      Well, I have not, but I do wear at least 2 layers of base coat! I try to stray away from the ones that dry tacky because I realized when the nail polish remover + the tacky base coat can really make that stain the nail plate too. If that makes sense?

      So far, no staining from these two! <3 *Fingers Crossed*

      • *when the nail polish remover + tacky base coat mix. Phew! That SHOULD make more sense, now. 😀

      • It does make sense, though I’ve never thought about that before. It’s good to have that information! I do sometimes use CND’s Stickey but I’ve only recently purchased that base coat so I wasn’t wearing it with the Sinful Shine I bought, and OPI’s Nail Envy which I used with the Sinful Shine blue polish isn’t one of the base coats that dry tacky. I guess I’ll just risk it because Amazonia is too pretty to pass up! 🙂

      • Well, as proof the cosmetics companies have figured out how to talk directly to their target audience by sending samples to bloggers to review, Amazonian is now mine! I read your blog this morning and swooned over this beauty, and ran errands this evening, not even planning to stop by Walgreens. But I pass a Walgreens to get home and my car suddenly lurched into the parking lot and the next thing I knew I was standing in front of the Sinful Shine display, mumbling, “Amazonian…Amazonian,” as my eyes dotted from label to label. I gleefully spotted it, snapped it up and I’ll be taking off China Glaze’s Merry Berry tomorrow and replacing it with Sinful Shine’s Amazonian. Yay! (Of course, the cosmetics companies probably carefully evaluate the quality of pictures on blogs because it’s the visual that captures us. If your photography didn’t make the polish look so luscious to us addicts, my car would have gone right by the Walgreens tonight.) Thanks!

  2. Beautiful green! I wonder how long they last on your nails without chips. I may have to try it on my toes since I change polish on my fingers too often to know!

  3. Amazonian is to DIE FOR.

  4. I love Amazonian!

  5. These colors look so lovely on you!

  6. Both look great on you! Amazonian is a favorite of mine!

  7. Love this line so much!

  8. Loving that green Amazonian, it is awesome. I really love the SC Shine line, hope that at some point we get them in the UK. I won’t hold my breath as we have only just got the regular line.

  9. I just bought my first sinful shines this weekend. i’m def trying them out soon.

  10. I have Amazonian too! It’s one of my favorites, it’s so deep and beautiful. Great swatches!

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