KBShimmer Proud Peacock + Shipwreck Swatches/Review


Purchased by me.

I had a special reason I bought these two, and I thought I’d share them together! I’ve had them for awhile, now – Shipwreck has been in my untried for a bit (shame on me!) and Proud Peacock I’ve worn but never really photographed until now. I must say that Christy Rose really knows how to create unusual and beautiful mixes of nail polishes – she’s definitely in the right line of work!

Proud Peacock – well, peacocks are a passion for me – I love peacocks – it’s my parent’s motherland, India’s national bird, also! Maybe it’s something in my blood that makes me love these gorgeous proud birds. When I lived in Austin, TX, there’s a temple where peacocks roam free, and Indians believe that they fan out their gorgeous feathers and “dance” when it’s about to rain – and I have caught glimpse of these performances from time to time. Also, we had one cheeky peacock follow me ALL over the temple grounds and even back to my car – we swear he almost jumped in with us. Silly peacock! Did you know that it’s the male that is so brightly colored? The female has a duller appearance and is called a peafowl. Let’s take a look at Proud Peacock – a superbly gorgeous representation of the bird. Here’s 3 coat with KBShimmer Clearly on Top topcoat.


Next, we have Shipwreck, now if you know my first name, you may have read it as Shipwreck before. Shipra – Shipwreck. Yeah, I know, right? When AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) was all the rage, I even used Shipwrecked as a handle. So, obviously, I needed this for the name alone and guess what – it was also teal and FULL of gorgeous jeweled glitters, so yes, it was a MUST. Here’s Shipwreck with 3 coats. It’s a gorgeous jelly which doesn’t necessarily need a top coat.


Absolutely gorgeous! What do you say? Do you own these beauties?

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Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.


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