KBShimmer Proud Peacock + Shipwreck Swatches/Review


Purchased by me.

I had a special reason I bought these two, and I thought I’d share them together! I’ve had them for awhile, now – Shipwreck has been in my untried for a bit (shame on me!) and Proud Peacock I’ve worn but never really photographed until now. I must say that Christy Rose really knows how to create unusual and beautiful mixes of nail polishes – she’s definitely in the right line of work!

Proud Peacock – well, peacocks are a passion for me – I love peacocks – it’s my parent’s motherland, India’s national bird, also! Maybe it’s something in my blood that makes me love these gorgeous proud birds. When I lived in Austin, TX, there’s a temple where peacocks roam free, and Indians believe that they fan out their gorgeous feathers and “dance” when it’s about to rain – and I have caught glimpse of these performances from time to time. Also, we had one cheeky peacock follow me ALL over the temple grounds and even back to my car – we swear he almost jumped in with us. Silly peacock! Did you know that it’s the male that is so brightly colored? The female has a duller appearance and is called a peafowl. Let’s take a look at Proud Peacock – a superbly gorgeous representation of the bird. Here’s 3 coat with KBShimmer Clearly on Top topcoat.


Next, we have Shipwreck, now if you know my first name, you may have read it as Shipwreck before. Shipra – Shipwreck. Yeah, I know, right? When AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) was all the rage, I even used Shipwrecked as a handle. So, obviously, I needed this for the name alone and guess what – it was also teal and FULL of gorgeous jeweled glitters, so yes, it was a MUST. Here’s Shipwreck with 3 coats. It’s a gorgeous jelly which doesn’t necessarily need a top coat.


Absolutely gorgeous! What do you say? Do you own these beauties?

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Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. I love Shipwreck!

  2. KB makes some amazing polishes. these are both pretty on you. Love the blues!

  3. Those are super fun! Thanks for sharing πŸ˜‰

  4. I honestly can’t tell you which of these polishes I like more! Both are so beautiful!

  5. Wow Shipwrecked is amazing!!!

  6. They are both gorgeous and your swatches show them so well!!

  7. Love these!

  8. Lovely swatches, such fun shades!

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