Maybelline Great Lash LIMITED EDITION Colored Mascara Swatches/Review


So, if you know me at all – I swoon at colored mascaras, purple (well, maybe ALL lipsticks) and blushes. Okay, okay, I lie – I love all makeup equally. But, let’s get serious – when I saw these were coming out – I started stalking like a mad woman – calling up Walgreens like every few hours to check if they got a shipment of these 6 LIMITED EDITIONS, and well, they didn’t – but when I went in one fine day (Saturday, to be exact) I found them and angels sang. 🙂


FABULOUSITY! Note: I did not use any mascara primer or white mascara, so this is how the color looks on black eyelashes! I would LOVE to try these on white mascara, but mine hasn’t come in yet! So, hope this is still an enjoyable post! 🙂

So, let’s start with Wink in Pink! This was bright! And, I was not sure how this would look on my “old” self, but to be honest, I loved how it looked! Very cute!


So Very Berry is a beautiful burgundy, almost reddish-brown, and it was fabulous. I definitely want to see this over white mascara.


Green with Envy is a gorgeous emerald – definitely a color of the year mascara! I love this and again think it’d look absolutely fab over white mascara.


Vision of Violet is one I was really looking forward to – uh, duh – I am all about the purples. And, I can say I loooove it. Oh, so much!!


Teal Appeal – another shade I really was looking forward to – I do own a teal mascara already by Bare Minerals, so I was interested to see how a drugstore colored teal mascara would do vs. Bare Minerals, and I can proudly say – quite well!!


I See Blue made me giggle a bit because my favorite movie of all times is Old School and it made me think of Will Ferrell saying I See Blue when he is beaten up by the Dean, and it just made me giggle. 😀 I looooove this vivid blue – so HOT!


My overall opinion of these is I AM SO HAPPY I GOT THESE. All of them. I will be getting funky with all of these because you’re never too old to rock color and these are JUST so FUN! My faves were definitely Wink of Pink and I See Blue (and I love the name of the latter one SO much! <3).

I also want to see these over white mascaras – can see these really popping over white mascara.



Facebook: Maybelline New York

Purchased by me.