Maybelline Light/Medium BB Cream, Eyestudio Polished Green Liquid Eyeliner, and Color Tattoo Metal Gold Rush and Silver Strike Swatches/Review


Press sample.

I love metallic and I love to incorporate them into my look time to time. I received a light/medium BB Cream, a Eyestudio Liquid Eyeliner in Polished Green (a gorgeous emerald) and two gorgeous Metal Color Tattoos, so let’s get right to the review and the swatches of these amazing products!



I’m going to start with the BB Cream by Maybelline. I absolutely love this tinted beauty balm and have noticed that by using this for more than a month now, my skin has a natural glow to it even without it. I like using this not only because it perfects and corrects my skin and complexion (and it blends really well with my skintone), it has a SPF 30 sunscreen, which is REALLY important to me. I use a 60+ SPF sunscreen underneath most of the time, but this adds a little extra protection and gives my skin a healthy glow. What I do not like about this BB cream is the fact that it leaks and it’s not very travel friendly because of it. I don’t squeeze it overly hard, but it still manages to leak – not really sure if this is a defect of this particular one or if it’s like that with most. I will let you know once I ask my mother – who I purchased one for!

Here’s a quick look at how I look without makeup and with the BB Cream (Note: I do also have blush and the rest of my makeup {Eyeliner, Mascara, Eyeshadow, and Lipstick} on but no powder or foundation was put over the BB Cream).


Let’s move on to the Eyestudio Polished Green Liquid Eyeliner and the Color Tattoos (Gold Rush and Silver Strike) –


The Eyestudio Liquid Eyeliner in Polished Green is a gorgeous emerald that looked absolutely fabulous on. It did not apply solidly and kind of sheered out, but if you let it dry and apply another layer, you can get a more opaque line. I like the applicator as it really helps you line it up with your waterline/eyelash line.


The Color Tattoos I received to share with you are Gold Rush and Silver Strike. These are gel eyeshadows, so with a proper eyeliner brush, you can also apply these as an eyeliner. I used an eyeshadow brush to blend these onto my lid and crease. I really loved Polished Green, Gold Rush and Silver Strike together – it really reminded me of the Emerald City from Wizard of Oz. Absolutely lovely!

Gold Rush is a fabulous gold that really warms up the face.


And, Silver Strike adds a little coolness:


And, together with all 3, you get:



And, here’s the eyeliner and eyeshadows swatched on my arm:


Aren’t these amazing? I really love Maybelline because it’s really easy to find and they are always coming out with revolutionary and fashionable products at all times. I own A LOT of their lipsticks, eyeshadows, mascaras, etc, and I have always been really happy with them! You can find them at almost any drugstore, grocery stores even, and Targets and Walmarts.

Facebook: Maybelline New York

Press sample. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. Oh, I love the eyeshadow look. I need to get a little bolder with my eye shadows… Great review!

  2. I think I have all of these Color Tattoos! LOVE!

  3. I think I would like seeing the looks you create if you show the full lid, rather than just the open eye. You obviously do creative work but it’s hidden when your eyes are opened so widely. While I don’t use Maybelline because they’re a cruelty brand (which sucks bc I bought a couple of the colour tattoos to try before I became a cruelty-brand celibate, and those tattoos are so epic they stay put far longer than 24 hours. I tested mine to 36 at least before it really showed any wear) the new tattoos are gorge! I wish they were cheaply dupe-able but alas I believe their closest relatives are MUFE Aquacreams, which are incredible but definitely not cheap. That or hunting down funky coloured gel liners…and for that I can only think of Inglot. (Not a complaint here though, ANY reason to buy Inglot gel liners works for me. I want them all…the black is by far the best black gel liner on the market).
    And that green liner is beautiful. I love the shade, especially on brown and hazel eyes.
    Great review though. Sorry for being a bit long-winded and rambly, I get like this when I’m tired! (Oh and smile more in your face photos, I bet you have a great natural smile, and that always enhances any look in my opinion.)

  4. That green and gold is gorgeous on you! Unfortunately, I didn’t have much luck with the Maybelline BB Cream- I tend toward oily skin, and that particular BB exacerbated it 🙁

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