Wet n Wild Pop Art Coloricon Eyeshadows LIMITED EDITION Swatches/Review


Purchased by me.

Extremely Picture Heavy!!

Okay, so I’m sure you saw when Wet n Wild posted these on Facebook! No? Let’s take a look then! They are absolutely bright, colorful, playful and just so much fun! I have been waiting and searching for these, and finally came across them at Walgreens when shopping for some vitamins! 🙂 Needless to say that they had one of each and… well, I cleaned them out! 😀


Let’s start with Your 15 Minutes Aren’t Up! which comprises of a rosy pink, lavender and bright yellow! The yellow was the least pigmented and I had to go over it quite a bit to get the color to show up on my medium-toned skin.



A Regular at the Factory has some delicious bright pastels (oxymoron?) – sunny orange, sky blue and a pastel yellow. Yummy! I had trouble with the orange and yellow but the blue was absolutely lovely on!


Hard Being an It Girl has a lot of baby colors – baby pink, baby blue and a sweet nude. The blue was quite powdery, as you can see in the arm swatch, and these colors were hard to see otherwise. Maybe a primer would do them good!


Three’s a Party is classic – black, red and white! Just stunning – and I couldn’t wait to put this one on! As you can see the black had GREAT pigmentation. The red is beautiful and the white is a great highlighting shade!


I’m Seeing Triples was one that I found absolutely gorgeous but was a little terrified to try on, but I liked how crazy cool this looked on!! Reminds me of festivals/carnivals, rainforests and just paradise! Pretty! It was really not as pigmented as some of the others on my arm, but when I put it on my eyes, the colors just popped!


To Muse and To Carouse is probably the SAFEST of the 6.


What do you think of these?

My thoughts briefly: The shadows are gorgeous colors, no doubt! I had a terrible time opening them, but maybe that’s just me! I also think I need to use a primer next time, but I wanted to show you what they’re like without. There’s fall out in a lot of these shades, which creates a multi-colored blush when it falls into eyelashes and cheeks, so beware of this when working on your eyeshadow with these palettes. All in all, would I buy these again? Yes, definitely! These are not my first palettes from the brand, and I absolutely think they are worth it at $2.99 for a palette with trios! Not bad at all!

Will you be going out of any comfort zones to be putting these on!?

My faves were I’m Seeing Triple, Three’s a Party and Your 15 Minutes Aren’t Up!

Website: wnwbeauty.com
Facebook: Wet n Wild Cosmetics

Purchased by me.


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