butter London Lippys Come to Bed Red, Alcopop, and Queen Vic Swatches/Review


Press sample.

If you’ve ever tried butter London Lippys, you know they are fragrant like vanilla cupcakes and are quite pigmented. I was pretty impressed with these colors as they showed up really well on my lips. Let’s get to the review, so I can share with you the thoughts on each individual color!


The applicator is a doe foot applicator, just the way I like! 🙂


Let’s start with Come to Bed Red, I have heard (but do not know for certain) that it is extremely similar to the nail lacquer of the same name. It’s quite pigmented, and I expected it to be sheer but it truly is a liquid lipstick. It’s a beautiful glossy red that reminded me of red patent leather, and I absolutely love this shade and see it being universally flattering!!


Alcopop is a color that is not for the faint of heart. It’s quite bright, cheery and almost a cotton candy shade of pink. For me, it was too pink and not a color that went with my medium complexion, but it’d be a fun shade to mix up or wear on a special occasion for a stand-out look. I see this looking great on other complexions! It really made me think of the ’70s and ’80s!


Queen Vic is a gorgeous magenta (leaning purple) shade. I love this shade as I love all sorts of magentas and fuchsias. If you love those, you will absolutely love this – and it’s a bit sheerer than the other two, and it just glows!


Overall, my thoughts about these Lippys are positive because they are not extremely sticky – they are quite comfortable to wear. I would definitely recommend them. The colors are SO fun!

Do you own any of these lovely Lippys?

Which ones are your fave?

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Press sample. All opinions are honest and my own.


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