KB Shimmer Don’t Pink Twice, What’s Your Damage?, and Totally Tubular! Swatches/Review


Press sample.

KB Shimmer is another one of my FAVORITE Indies, and I get SUPER excited whenever Christy releases a new collection, and this was definitely no exception! I immediately took a loving to Totally Tubular – I mean, why not? It’s teal AND it has magenta and blues in it. Yum! I was even MORE excited when Christy sent that one along with the other samples!

I was really interested in trying one of the neons, so I was ecstatic to receive the gorgeous NEON pink Don’t Pink Twice. Excuse my photo because my camera went absolutely berserk when it saw this baby. It’s so pretty and it’s a blue-based neon pink that dries to a satin matte finish and also has subtle violet flakies running through. This is 2 coats.


What’s Your Damage? is such a great name! Such an awesome pun! What it’s really asking is: What’s your damn age!? Haha. Love it! It’s a white-base with black shreds and neon pinks and greens! Pretty pretty! And, here it is at 3 coats – which you need thin coats of because of the larger glitters which can create a bumpy appearance. I would recommend using KB Shimmer’s top coat, Clearly On Top, here for a glassy finish like below!


Last but DEFINITELY not least is the stunning Totally Tubular! This reminded me of Dave Coulier a.k.a. Uncle Joey from Full House when he would mimic a kangaroo cartoon voice. I absolutely love this mix of colors and am absolutely head over heels for it. Here it is at 2 coats. It could use 3 coats, but I just loved it like this!


So, these are three of the gorgeous Summer Collection!

Did you pick any of these up and if so, which ones?!

Website: In the US – www.KBShimmer.com
Outside the US – www.Harlowandco.org

Facebook: KB Shimmer Bath & Body

Sent for review. All opinions are honest and my own.


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