MAC Temperature Rising Swatches/Review


Purchased by me.

I thought I’d go ahead and share this Limited Edition collection with you because it’s pretty, and hope is not really lost because I will show you a great alternative to one of the lipsticks that you can purchase for < 50% the price! Yes!

As I saw a purple lipstick and GLITTER lipstick, I was on board with this collection from the start. I love bronzes, but I didn’t pick up too much from this collection – just 2 lipsticks and a blush! I love the LE packaging on this, a soft bronze rubber coating – so gorgeous!



Magenta satin blush? Yes please! I love magenta and this color is just perfect for those “freshly pinched” cheeks!



All face swatches also have the Hot Nights blush, so you can see it as part of a makeup look.

Feel My Pulse, a magenta/purple, is a very pretty color, and a Cremesheen finish (one of my faves!) and it’s moisturizing and feels great on! It’s lasts a good amount of time but you will probably have to touch-up after food and drinks!




Caliente was a surprise favorite for me. I have always loved glitter in my lipstick and wore it all throughout college – silver and gold being my favorite. I went back to my roots and picked this one up and am regretting the fact that I didn’t pick up a back up of this one. I love it to pieces and have worn it a good amount of time. Glitter didn’t feel gritty to me, but be warned, that the glitter does get everywhere! But it’s a fun look for a night out or just a good “conversation starter”. Beautiful, beautiful lipstick! I need MOAR Dazzle finishes!



Now, for the good news. You can get Maybelline Brazen Berry just about anywhere. I just saw it at my local Kroger for about $5! And, it looks a lot like Feel My Pulse, just sheerer and glossier. Want to see what I mean? On, it looks almost impossible to tell, so it’s a great way to save money or use instead if you missed out!



So, what do you think? Did you grab any of these pieces?

If you didn’t, will you be grabbing Brazen Berry?

Purchased by me.


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