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Sent for review.

I had a wonderful experience shopping on Le Cosmetique as everything was pretty organized! I, of course, immediately went to the lipstick section of the site, and quickly began shopping for the OCC Lip Tars, as I have been wanting to try them for quite some time. I chose 5: Clear (which works as a primer, lip gloss, or lip top coat, if you will), Marion, Lydia, Strumpet and Anime.


The OCC Lip Tars really surprised me! They are not as sticky as the name makes them out to be. And, as you might’ve heard plenty of times – a little goes a loooooong way! Actually, look down at your keyboard or screen, and you see the size of the asterisk? * <~ Yes, just a little bit more than this is all you need, and you can build it up as you please! All of them were opaque except for Lydia, which came out very sheer and only made my lips look “My Lips but Better”. Shall we get on to the swatches and a special discount code for you? On with it!

I primed my lips with the clear OCC Lip Tar. It smells of peppermint, and it’s not overwhelming – it’s like a nice breath mint. First you apply this, and then a clear lip liner (I used Mary Kay Lip Liner). Let it soak in a bit, and then apply the color from center of your lips outward. And, like I said above, you don’t need much to get started, and you can keep adding layers for your perfect look. I did about 2 coats of each color with the brush that was provided (shown below). The needlenose applicator may be used with a finger or the applicator itself, but it would not provide you a neat application unless you are steady handed.




On to the swatches. Here is what they looked like applied onto my arm with a brush.


As you see, they DO feather around the edges, so it is important to use a clear lip liner and primer to make sure it does not feather and looks neatly applied.

Marion is a gorgeous rust color that I was really excited about! I tried to steer clear of purples as I need to branch out a tiny bit! 😉 It looked very sheer on, but it was really pretty!


Lydia is described as a darkroom plum, and is definitely a unique shade. I really was looking forward to trying this, but I was disappointed in the fact that it almost barely didn’t show up on my pigmented lips.


Strumpet is another shade I was highly anticipating! Was I pleasantly surprised? Yes. Did I wear it longer than the others? YES! I loved this on me. It’s a deep berry shade that would look fabulous on EVERY skintone, as with the other shades I am reviewing today!


Anime is a neon pink that was outrageously gorgeous! I highly recommend these shades to those who are shy of bright colors! Just do it! You will be pleasantly surprised at how glowy you will look and fit right in with all the beach bunnies out there!


I have a few OCC Lip Tars on my wishlist! Which ones are YOUR favorites and are any of these making your wishlist?

Well, my lovely readers, here’s your chance to get 10% off on your entire purchase (and can be used OVER and OVER again!)



Sent for review. All opinions are honest and my own.


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