Pretty & Polished I Want Candy, Crush, Boombox, So Jazzed, and Popples Swatches/Review


Press sample.

Pretty & Polished is one of my favorite Indies! Chels, the creator and owner of Pretty & Polished is really great with customers and creates amazing products! She created holos and neons, even combining the two, and I must say they are perfect for the Summertime! Gorgeous!

Shall we take a looksee?


First, we start with I Want Candy, a beautiful bright pink with linear holographic sparkle! It’s quite amazing and applied beautifully in 2 coats.


Orange is always a refreshing, mouthwatering color – well, to me, anyway! And, Crush is definitely a delicious orange holographic! YUM! 2 coats for opacity!


Boombox is definitely my favorite! A bright blue with holographic sparkle! Yes, yes, please!!!! 2 coats for opacity. In my experience, this did not stain, but I was swatching fast, so I would say double up on base coat for actual wear!


So Jazzed is exactly how I felt about this neon purple with neon blue squares and various glitters. I was SO JAZZED! I love everything about neon purple and neon blues! They are quite easily my favorite. I did not put a top coat over this, so that’s why it looks a bit rough. I would definitely top it off with a glassy top coat for better shine! This was 2 coats.


What a beauty! A white-base with neon glitters! So pretty! I especially love the neon pink hexes! 3 coats for this lovely! It would also fare well with a top coat to offset the matte glitters!

Let’s recap!


My favorites? Definitely Boombox, Crush, and So Jazzed! Tell me yours!!

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Press sample. All opinions are honest and my own.


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