Guest Post: Money Saving Tips from Pure Desi Diva!


My childhood friend, Pooja, is what you call an EXCELLENT bargain hunter! She has told me about deals and freebies, and I had to have her guest post for me to share her secrets! She also has her own ebay store, PureDesiDiva, where you can purchase a varied collection of items! So, let’s welcome Pooja to Taneja’s Bride!

Have you ever gone shopping  and saw something that you just had to have but were on a tight budget or had other financial obligations that you just could not afford it?

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You had that moment of frustration of “Why can’t I just have a little extra money?” or “how can I get the money to buy it?” 

Most people think I just do not have the time or energy to look for a deal on the bag they want, or are too embarrassed as people will think they are cheap or stingy.  Well, I say live a luxurious life and save money while doing so!  You hear of deal seekers or extreme couponers. You don’t have to be either one to get what you want in the most economical way!

Hi, my name is PureDesiDiva, and I am here to help you with your savings and bargaining needs on many splurges such as makeup, clothing, shoes, jewelry, spa treatments, fitness classes and much more.

I have put together some very simple tips to help you and your loved ones find things on a bargain. These tips can be used in any category.


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1. Before I leave the house, I always try to see if I can do a quick search on the Web to see if there is an online coupon on the companies’ website, or I try to see if I can see if someone else knows where to save on the specific items, such as family or friends that shop at the specific store or those who work there.  

2. I often go shopping when I know the store is offering a good clearance day, extra savings, or free shipping online along with my coupon as you can often use coupons on clearance scoring a better deal on items in-store and online.

3. If I am not successful finding a savings opportunity, I sign up on there mailing list and they often will send you a dollar off amount coupon within a few days of signing up. Make sure this is with an email addy that is only used for offers to avoid being spammed.

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Here are some tips when shopping for high end beauty products.

1. Look in fashion magazines as often times companies will advertise a product when it comes out to give you the opportunity to go in and get a sample of the product. If the product sample is not available ask for a substitute as they often will give you another sample of your choice.

2. Sign up for beauty clubs of specific offers. They often times send you emails of events and freebies

3. Visit your local beauty counter to try on product in store

4. Stores like Sephora allow you to get 3 samples per day. If you are unwilling to locate a sample, write to corporate they often will be willing to mail you out a sample if you can not find it in-store.


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1. Sign up for a store mailing list, watch out for sales, and often times you can use coupons on clearance in-store. Sometimes, buying a piece that is a different color can save you money or if there is a slight bit of a stain, you can bargain with the store and they will often mark down for another 10%, and you can just go wash it at home. Or a little rip you can stitch it. Always double check prices as some stores price adjust or even will mark down prices if you can show where you got it from.

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 Sign up for a food mailing list for the best deals on food.

Other examples include Groupon, Facebook, Manufacturer coupons, Store coupons, Deal sites, Make friends with the beauty counter ladies always ask for samples with purchase. Counter like walgreens, Sears often has samples people do not know about. Stores often stack coupons one Manufacturers and one store often making items almost free or very cheap such as Target, Walgreens, CVS, etc.

I hope these were some helpful money saving tips for your family and friends!

Wow, I learned a lot! I am definitely going to be using a bunch of these tips when I go out shopping! Thanks, Pooja! Don’t forget, you can check her out at PureDesiDiva!


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