MAC Heroine Lip Pencil Swatches/Review

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Purchased by me. 

As I still search for a reasonably priced Heroine or even a (miraculous 3rd) repromote (doubtful but hopeful!) of Heroine lipstick, I have been making do with my gorgeous MAC Heroine lip pencil, which I snagged from Nordstrom’s! I have to say that the color pay off is great and the lip pencil is smooth and it is a little difficult to color in your lips with a pencil, as opposed to a lipstick, but hey, if the color is similar, then why not, right? I hope I’ll eventually find the lipstick, though!!

Here are pictures of what it looks like on me.



I must say, though, that it is pretty drying, but since the color benefit is great, I would wear it until it’s just a nub! It does not last very long after eating and drinking, so I would say that the wear time is about 3 – 4 hours. It’s a matte lip pencil, so it passes the kiss test pretty well. Also, if you have the lipstick, I would wear it over the lip pencil to make it last longer!

Have a beautiful day! Is this on your wishlist? It is supposed to be back in June!!

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