Julep May Maven + Lipstick and Mascara Swatches/Review


Purchased by me.


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Back to the program!

Julep May Maven Box! Definitely something I really wanted! I LOVE IT! I mean, it has lipsticks, sugar lip scrub and mascara! Sign me up!


And, the cutest hair pins!!!!

Let’s go through what was in the box, and then, I’ll share my details with you!

A vintage “cigarette” case with lipsticks. Dream come true. The size of these lipsticks is probably about the length of a cigarette, too – guessing 3 inches, as I am not a smoker. Not a full-size lipstick, but a good trial size, as you can get a good amount of use from it. I really adore the packaging!


Next, we have the Voluminizing Mascara. I must say, I was really enjoying the fact that the packaging was pretty consistent. I have a Julep lip gloss/liquid lipstick, which is in a similar container, if you will, and I love this.


Adore the brush, too. It was great at crushing any clumps and did a great job, as you will see in the pictures I post later of the lipstick swatches!


Next was the DELICIOUS sugar lip scrub. When you open it, you a immediately transported to a candy store. It smells like brown sugar, caramel and divinity! Delicious. I have yet to use it, but I can assure you it will be really soon. I usually make my own out of sugar and olive oil (and it doesn’t smell so good) so I am looking forward to this. The little gold globe that contains the sugar lip scrub is SO beautiful! It reminds me of a snitch (minus the wings – if you are a Harry Potter fan, you know what I mean!).



Okay, so I’m sure we’re ready to get to the lipstick/mascara swatches, right?!

Tea for Two – a nude shimmer with the consistency of a lip balm. For me, it was a lip balm as there was no color added to my lips.
Satin Doll – a poppy sheer that I wish were more opaque as it had so much potential.
Lady in Red – a matte red that was gorgeous and opaque.


The lipsticks tasted/smelled of citrus vanilla. I was blown away by this because it was amazing. I love a lipstick that has a scent that is unique!

Tea for Two


Satin Doll


Lady in Red


What do you think about these? Worthwhile or no? I only had to pay $19.99 for this month, so I think it was pretty good!

If you’d like to become a Julep Maven, you can use my Referral Link and code FREEBOX for your introductory box FREE!

Affiliate link. Purchased by me.


  1. Love the snitch reference!

  2. Never disappointed with your lippy looks!! Great review!

  3. I was really tempted to get the lipstick trio but other than Lady in Red, I don’t think I would have used the others. Might try to get the snitch scrub though.

  4. I’m loving those lipstick shades. Gorgeous!

    – KW

  5. I got all of the lipsticks they put out and I was really afraid some of the shades would be terrible on me but I was really wanted to see how their first lipstick offerings did. I just swatched all of them. I was afraid Tea For Two would be too sheer on me and Satin Doll too orange; both barely register any color on my lips. From the Paris set, I thought Sweet Loraine would be way too pink for me; it also barely registers on my lips I don’t know if it’s because of the particular shade of my lips or what. Because they aren’t too anything, I’ll likely wear them. My favorites, though, were Charleston and Lady in Red. I don’t love Lady in Red as much as my Besame Red lipstick but it’s a very wearable red, something I would gladly wear often in daytime. If they offer Charleston and Lady in Red in full-size, I’ll gladly get them.

    • Yeah, I agree with you! Besame puts out amazing vintage shades, so that’s where to go if you are looking for pigment and vintage. I think Julep was testing the market perhaps? Hopefully, they will reformulate the sheer colors.

  6. Couldn’t resist the free stuff, so I used your referral link and signed up! Ordered the “add on” quick-dry drops. Ever tried them? Hope they work great – I’m impatient!!!

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