EPIC Purple Ombre Lips Swatches


Purchased by me. 

First of all, you may remember I just posted about the GORGEOUS Black Radiance Purples I purchased on a trip to Walgreens. My friend & fellow blogger, Jillian from Jilltastic Nail Design suggested I try a purple ombre lip with these, and I just HAD to do it! It sounded too amazing to pass up, so guess what? I did it! And, I love it. I love it SO much, I think I will need back ups of my back ups of my back ups LOL.

Okay, first let’s do a little math. Aw, quit your whining. This is FUN math!


So, pretty much, I layered them, and then I mixed them, and then I patted African Violet (the lighter one in the middle of my lips, which is why they look fuller! Great trick for faking full lips! Just pat on a lighter similar shade and it will work wonders!).

And, VOILA! The FINAL look is this! Let’s take a closer look!


OH MY GOD. I am SO doing this, like, ALL the TIME!

Thanks, Jillian!! What do you all think of this epic purple ombre?! I am planning to compare this with my MAC Heroine lip liner to see if it’s a good dupe, so stay tuned!!

Purchased by me.


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