Paula Deen Lip Balm Review + Recap of Savannah, GA Trip


Over the weekend, we went to Savannah, GA with some of my hub’s childhood friends + family. It was definitely a fun trip! Savannah, GA is a historic town with lots of Southern charm, and it was just so beautiful there! I took a few pictures of the beauty there but mostly spent the time taking it all in.

There were a lot of horse-drawn carriages, and the horses were just absolutely stunning! One of the carriage drivers told us that the horses were French and that they had romantic history in that they used to be companions of French knights. Ooh la la! πŸ˜‰ I also asked them how much they walked throughout the day, and was shocked that it was only 8 miles. I had expected it to be much, much more.


Here’s some landscape pictures of the beauty there!



Savannah is a sweet, quaint little town, and is by the river. We saw freight ships, dinner cruises, and I even saw a lone dolphin! So cool! I enjoyed shopping along the river and eating all sorts of Cajun cuisine. Yum. I especially had to stop by Paula Deen’s Store/Lady & Son’s Restaurant hoping to catch glimpse of the famous Food Network star. Paula Deen, as you may or may not know lives in Savannah, GA and cooks delicious meals (mostly famous for her use of lots and lots of butter! ;)) When I perused her shop, which had adorable southern items and cooking utensils, I finally came across flavored lip balm. Of course, I had to pick some up!! I chose 2 that smelled absolutely delicious – Key Lime Pie and Banana Pudding. NOM NOM NOM!


What really cracked me up was the butter flavored lip balm and the maple bacon one, but I wasn’t too enticed by the scents of those, so I let them be. I really LOVE the softness and moisture of the lip balms. I am currently wearing Key Lime Pie and I have to say it feels divine and smells even better! [Edit: Someone just asked me if they were MADE from butter, and they are not! πŸ˜€ All it says is Sunflower Seed Oil, Soybean Oil and Meadowfoam Seed Oil in a Natural Lip Balm Base. “PUT A LITTLE SOUTH ON YOUR MOUTH!”]

I wish I had picked up a few other flavors or even grabbed some more of the ones I purchased, but we were shopping here while waiting for our table at a restaurant, so we did a little speed shopping! πŸ˜‰



How cute is the packaging? I think Paula Deen is gorgeous and just adorable, so this was a pretty cool souvenir of the quaint little town!

I don’t believe you can find the lip balms at her Paula Deen Store Website, but you can find other cute things!


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