Zoya Irresistible Collection Swatches/Review


Press sample. 

Phew, I love me some metallic foils, and these really were true to their name: Irresistible! All of them are stunning colors and will look great on any skin tone, in my opinion. Quickly, let me tell you a little about their formulas and how many coats used, so we can just dive into the juicy colors! The formulas were much better than the Stunning Collection. I loved these much more than the cremes because they were a lot easier to apply, and I’m a sucker for metallic foils by Zoya. I also found them to look a LOT like their Summer PixieDust counterparts. They all required 2 coats and they looked fabulous. “Continue Reading” to see the swatches and a recap of the entire Summer collection: PixieDust, Stunning and Irresistible! (PICTURE HEAVY!)



That sparkle is intense and oh-so-irresistible!

Kerry is a yellow gold, and in the bottle looks IDENTICAL to Solange, but dries to a metallic foil. Oh, my!


Amy looks a lot like Destiny in the bottle, but looks like a gem on the nail! Wowsers! Look at this beauty!


Tinsley was such a beauty! I have never seen a polish like this, and I would call this one of my faves!! Rose gold is SO in right now.


Bobbi was such a pretty color – perfect for laying poolside (um, have you noticed I’ve said that for EACH collection?! These just scream SUMMER!)


Hazel is WOW. I have been eyeing Crystal for awhile, but I feel this one is much, much prettier, so I will skip on Crystal. I love this!!


Rikki is amazing. Reminds me of looking through clear water and seeing all the green life below. So super stunning!


So, all in all, my faves are definitely Tinsley, Hazel and Rikki! What about you?

Let’s recap on the Irresistibles, and then I’ll show you the others, as well!




Ah-mazing job, Zoya! I have to say this deserves a standing ovation. All the colors shout SUMMER and DRINKS and POOLSIDE!

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Press sample. All opinions are honest and my own.


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