Make up Your Space – The eDiva™ Princess Clear Acrylic Makeup Organizer


The following was sent for review. All opinions are my own.

As a makeup junkie/hoarder, I have LOTS of makeup and making up my space gets tough! Sometimes, my “swatch area” becomes full of nail polish, lippys and other such makeup. The following is NOT a dramatization, sadly.


I was so thrilled when I got the opportunity to review this clear acrylic makeup organizer. It’s sturdy, heavy, and holds a LOT of my makeup!

There are 2 choices, and eDiva explains them like this:

“The eDiva Duchess contains 5 drawers with 1,200 cubic inches of space. The spacious eDivaPrincess contains 6 drawers (including a 4-inch bottom drawer perfect for holding your nail polish collection) with 2,304 cubic inches of space!”

I received the Princess to review, and good thing, I have LOTS of nail polish, and this holds quite a bit, as well.

Empty – it looks like this:


After I organized it, it looked like this!!


Isn’t that amazing?! Now, for the awesome part. Let’s take a closer look, so you can get an idea of what can fit in this baby!


My nail polish remover drawer!


My Milani Naturals and Reds/Oranges – Sent for review.


Milani Pinks and Plums – Sent for review.


My lippies drawer! Look at all the space there is left! Some sent for review, rest purchased by me.


Look at this amazing drawer. FULL of goodies. Some possibly sent for review, rest purchased by me.


WOW, look at this amazing drawer! Lots of space to fill!! Some sent for review, others purchased by me.

Stunning, isn’t it? I love how I was able to organize this, and still have space to keep at it!


Phew! Are you ready for some Spring cleaning!?

The only thing that would probably steer me away from this amazing organizer is the price.

The Dutchess eDiva is $197.

The Princess eDiva is $297.

It’s really heavy, so make sure you have it where you want it before you fill it up with goodies.

I love that it’s made out of acrylic because that means it is sturdy and it can pretty much withstand a child or a pet.

It also has spacers, so you can block off areas so you can have each drawer blocked off into sections!

Where can you buy this? Follow the links below!

Facebook: eDiva

Sent for review. All opinions are honest and my own.

Have a safe and Happy Easter!


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