F4 Polish Neons Collection Swatches/Review


The following samples were sent for review. All opinions are honest and my own. 

The F4 Polish Sisters are SO sweet and I love working with them on their new creations, so when I was asked to swatch their new neons, of course I said yes!! I LOVE neons and I fell in love with each of these because they were fabulous! Let’s get to the swatches and talk a little bit about each one!

Sunshine made me wanna sing, “I got a pocket full of sunshine…” because it’s a beautiful highlighter yellow with pink circle dot glitters of all sizes! I love this because I love highlighter yellow and circle glitters! This was very jelly-like in formula and dried matte, so a top coat of your choice would be wise if you want a glossy look at the end of 3 coats.


Next, we have a neon lime green chock full of glitters – white  matte squares and green circle glitters of different sizes! It’s so summery and I cannot wait to adorn my tootsies with these! This is 3 coats with top coat. Keep in mind, you may need to take it easy on coats of this because it dries “lumpy” because of the matte glitters.


Neon pink with black stars, hexes and more! Ah, this is HAUTE. I am loving this and wish my camera didn’t get spooked by the brightness of this pink. It’s MORE neon than this picture, for sure! 3 coats with top coat shown below.


Aruba is the PRETTIEST neon orange I have ever seen. So much so, I need this in full-size because it’s now my most favorite neon orange! Yum. Reminds me of an orange soda poolside. This dries incredibly matte because of the matte glitters, so you definitely need top coat after 3 coats of Aruba.


How gorgeous are these?

Are you a fan of neons?

Which one(s) is/are your favorite(s)?

Product samples sent for review. All opinions are honest and my own.

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