OPI Oz The Great & Powerful Swatches/Review


The following was purchased by me.

I just got back from Ulta, and believe me, I had a great time because I finally picked up the brush set I wanted and a few other things INCLUDING the Oz Minis! I really had to think about it because I really want the glitters, but I also wanted the soft shaded jellies. I can never say NO to jellies. And, glitters, too. I also am going a little “loco” for the liquid sands and textured polishes. As I speak, I am wearing a FULL mani of What Wizardry is This? Okay, enough “small talk”, let’s get to the swatches! (3 coats for each unless otherwise mentioned.)


I Theodora You is a soft delicate pink jelly/sheer. I fell in love with this one because it’s adorable and soft.


Don’t Burst My Bubble was a disappointment to me because I already own both OPI Funny Bunny AND OPI Don’t Touch My Tutu, and guess what? We.don’t.need.more.sheer.jelly.whites.OPI. But, for me, this is a basic, so I guess it’s fine. But, no more. Please. But… if I had to pick between Don’t Burst My Bubble, Funny Bunny (a true jelly) and Don’t Touch My Tutu, it’d be this one. Why? This one went on streak-free!


Glints of Glinda is what I was happy about with this collection. I needed a beige jelly. Just perfect. And, look at how it goes with my skintone for mannequin hands with just a touch of “foundation”. Love this a LOT. I could have done just one MORE coat, but it’s alright.


What Wizardry is This? is amazing. I cannot tell you how much I was dreading textured polishes, but unlike shatters, I really like this trend. I know, I know, it’s getting a little old – FAST, but if they can make UNIQUE ones, I am all over it. This one is quite the beauty. So much so that I couldn’t stop painting my nails and ended up with a full mani! I will be wearing this for a bit and I will let you know how well it lasts. Check for an edit on this page in the near future!


And, then with a top coat:


I actually preferred this without top coat and that is how I am currently wearing it.

What do you all think? Liquid Sands need to be in or out?

I look forward to hearing from all of you!

Purchased by me.


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