Zoya PixieDust Special Textured Edition Collection Swatches/Review


When I think of PixieDust, I immediately think of one of my childhood favorite movies, Peter Pan, and how I wished to be Wendy and be led off to a paradise where I could fly and fight pirates like Captain Hook. But, especially fly using Tinkerbell’s magic.

This collection is everything I thought it was and MORE. It’s exciting and sparkly and reminds me of magic. It’s got qualities of matte yet sparkles like there’s a secret that it’s holding, and the best part is putting it on the nail and seeing TWO sides of it. It goes on liquidy, sparkly, and lovely. Then, it dries matte and textured and then that sparkle still lives. Ah, how I love these magical things!




Let’s start off with Dahlia. I keep looking at this and thinking to myself, “Black Dahlia”. I’m sure that was the point. It is a bit thick to work with and these babies take FOR.EV.ER. to dry, but oh-so-worthwhile. 2 coats.


And, with a top coat:


When I saw Chyna, I fell in love and immediately thought of Dorothy’s red ruby slippers. GORGEOUS. Oh, and I also thought of the female wrestler, but that’s besides the point! 😉 Thick and also needed only 2 coats.


And, with top coat:


Look at that depth! STUNNING!

Godiva. Chocolate. Yes, that’s instantly what I thought of, and these look like delicious ones. I love this in nude because it’s for the people who can’t help but sparkle but have to be tame. This was sheer and thin and needed 3 – 4 coats.





The 2nd part of the PixieDusts – so lovely!!

Vespa. I thought of skiing. God knows why. But, what a stunning mint! So pretty! Sheer and thin. Needed 3 coats.


And, with top coat:


I think this was very well one of my faves!

Nyx. I thought of ancient Egypt; although, I have no idea why. Here’s a beautiful periwinkle! Sheer and thin, as well. Took 3 coats.


With a top coat:


I have no idea why it looks lavender, but it’s not. It’s definitely periwinkle!

Last but not least, I see London, I see France. No, I just see London. It’s a dusky grey that requires only 2 coats. Thick.


With a top coat:


Phew! Do you need a recap? ‘Cause I do!


My favorites were Chyna and Vespa. What are yours?

I’m hoping they make a sapphire with purple sparkle named Shipra. That would be AMAZEBALLS.

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* Product samples provided for review. All opinions are honest and my own. *


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