Milani Ultrafine Liquid Eye Liner Swatches/Review


Liquid eye liner is one item I cannot live without (besides EVERYTHING else beauty-related, of course!), and I love different colors, too! Before I got married, I used to wear a sapphire blue liquid eye liner ALL the time. It’s one makeup item I have to buy like every so often because it gets completed all the time.

Milani just came out with an ultrafine liquid eye liner in 5 different colors! I was thrilled to bits!



01 Black Vinyl – Black Vinyl
02 Black Gems – Black with Multi Glitters Shimmer
04 Purple Prismatic – Purple Shimmer
05 Sparkling Turquoise – Turquoise Shimmer
06 Emerald Glisten – Emerald Shimmer
(Colors do not accurately depict eye liner colors)


Black Vinyl and Purple Prismatic applied really, really well. I had a hard time with Black Gems because it was a bit watery and I tried shaking it up quite a bit. I was most excited about Black Gems because it would have been stunning, but I will be trying it again to see how it applies. Sparkling Turquoise and Emerald Glisten (I was really excited to see emerald in the mix since it’s the PANTONE COLOR OF THE YEAR! It’ll also be GORGEOUS on St. Patrick’s Day!) were really gorgeous, as well, and applied similarly to Purple Prismatic, but were really difficult to remove even with eye makeup remover.

I really loved the packaging because it was easy to hold while applying the eye liner to the upper lid. The tip was PERFECT to get a smooth, thin line.


I fell absolutely head over heels in love with Purple Prismatic. Here it is on me. (I’m also wearing Milani Best Red; Click HERE for swatches/review of the Milani Red/Orange lipsticks.)


What do you think? Do you like to dress your eyes up in liquid eye liners of different colors? Which color(s) are you going to run out to get?

Available at your local CVS, Target, Walgreens, Walmart, and Kmart.

Facebook: Milani Cosmetics

* Product samples sent for review. All opinions are honest and my own. *


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