Velecta Paramount Professional Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer – TGR4000I Pictures/Review


You may remember that awhile back, I reviewed the KQC Turbo Thermal Shine, Flat Iron, and FIE Iron Holder. This time, I have the Velecta Paramount Professional Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer TGR4000I.


Let me start off with an anecdote about hairdryers before I get to the review. I have been using a hairdryer since childhood because my Mom and Dad have been. I know a lot of people just get by with towel-drying to protect their hair, and whatnot. I have been hairdrying for numerous years, hair straightening for more than a decade now (funny story there) and using hair product for maybe longer than that. I didn’t use a hair straightener for years because I used only the hairdryer and thought, “Oh, God gave me this frizzy curly, wavy hair. ::Shrugs::” Getting to the point, I have always had a hairdryer that has never COMPLETELY dried my hair, and I have always been on the search for one. Guess what? I have the answer RIGHT HERE!


My hairdryer of 4 years just recently kicked the bucket, and I’ve been using a travel CHI ceramic hairdryer, which obviously had a miserable time getting the job done due to its itty bitty size, and this baby came into my life.

It dries my hair to COMPLETION in 5 minutes! I timed it to make sure, and I was really impressed! It has 2 heat settings, 2 speed settings, plus cool shot button. I was pretty confused when I began using it because the way I gripped it made me press the cool button, so I was getting a cold blast of air, but then I figured out that I had to hold it differently.

Here are the settings.


The cool button.


It has a 14-foot durable power cord, which is longer than any of my other hot tools, and it’s great because it can be plugged in pretty much anywhere! I have absolutely noticed a shine in my hair since using this and less frizzies! It’s definitely a wonderful hairdryer and I love the way it’s shaped. It is a little on the heavy side, but it’s not a dealbreaker.

Look at how NICELY BUILT it is. Here’s the front:


Kind of reminds me of an engine.

And, here’s the back:


Here’s the list of features from the website:


  • 1875 Watts, compact and powerful blow dryer

  • Built-in Ionic Generator eliminates static and creates ultimate shine

  • Far InfraRed Heat

  • Ceramic Technology

  • Weighs 18.34 oz, 520 gram

  • 2 heat settings, 2 speed settings, plus cool shot button

  • Extremely powerful airflow – 80 mph

  • Huge airflow – 86 m3/h

  • Packaged with two nozzles for extra styling versatility

  • Embedded handle switches

  • Ergonomic patented handle

  • Extra-long 14-foot durable power cord

  • Longlife Professional AC motor

  • An extremely powerful airflow will significantly cut down drying time, allowing the stylist to serve more customers.

  • High ionic output will eliminate static and create unsurpassed shine.

  • Balanced ergonomic design feels “gyroscopic” and allows the hairstylist to move freely and assume a more comfortable stance.

  • Voltage AC 110V 60Hz for use in USA/Canada

  • 6 month limited warranty

  • Made in France

What’s ONE (Okay, okay, maybe 2 or 3!) hot tool you can’t live without?!

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* Product sample sent for review. All opinions are honest and my own. *

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