Mor Cosmetics Sugar Rose Tiger Lily Body/Hand Lotion + Salt and Sugar Body Scrub


I am a sucker for the scent of roses, and I was so pleasantly satisfied when I got a whiff of the Mor Cosmetics Sugar Rose Tiger Lily Body/Hand Lotion and the Salt and Sugar Body Scrub. Scrumptious! (Here’s a rose from my garden! Matches!)


In Hindi, mor means peacock and I also noticed the logo contained peacocks, and after reading the About Us, I found out that it IS what the founders named it after! I was so excited that my hunch was correct, and it made me feel closer to the brand. Here’s a blurb about the origin of the name!

In the midst of finalising their plans, in May 2001 whist travelling in New Delhi, a street sign was spotted with the word ‘MOR’ on it, which translated to Peacock in Hindi. This struck a chord with both Dianna and Deon and on their return to Melbourne, MOR was established.

Usually fragrant lotions and creams make my skin red and splotchy due to my skin sensitivities, but I did not experience that with the Mor Cosmetics products, and I was really excited about that because I am absolutely loving the scent! I even layered it with my favorite fragrance-free lotion when the softness wore off only because the fragrance lasted just that long! I wish I could attach a “scratch-n-sniff” for those curious, but if you love the scent of roses, then this is definitely for you with a hint of sugar. Mmm.


The Salt and Sugar Scrub had the same scent, and I was absolutely enamored by this exfoliator, which I used on my hands. It made my skin feel so refreshed and soft, and afterwards, I went on and put on the matching lotion. It felt like such a spa treat.


The texture of the Salt and Sugar Scrub is thick but if you run your finger through it, it becomes a little more liquid. You don’t need much to feel soft and pampered, and I’m hoping this will last me throughout the dry months of Winter/Spring.


My only complaint was that the glossy pink made the gold text hard to read, especially on the back. I feel that if the container was matte, it would be much easier, but it still is a beautiful container. But, since there are different scents (and all have coordinating colors), it might work for the darker colors.


Overall, I must say this will be a staple in my fragrance routine, as I really enjoy floral scents. I will continue layering it with my fragrance-free lotion to allow the fragrance to become subtle instead of overwhelming.

What are some of your favorite scents?

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* Product samples provided for review. All opinions are honest and my own. *

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