SoFlaJo Silverado Swatches/Review


SoFlaJo has released a new collection called Matte Love, which contains 7 gorgeous mattes/suedes. I clipped my nails because they were starting to get weird and curled at the ends, and I couldn’t bear it, so they’re a little past the nubs, now. I think Silverado really flattered my newly clipped talons!

Silverado is a charcoal grey matte with subtle scattered holo glitter, and looks absolutely divine either matte/suede or glossy!

Let’s take a look, and then a closer look!



And, then glossed up!


The formula was absolutely perfect. It takes 2 coats to become opaque, which is a winner in my book! I love suedes and mattes like this right now, so I’m loving it, and have already done a full mani with it for a night out on the town! πŸ˜‰

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  1. I like it better glossed up πŸ™ Because even when matte…it’s not like FULLY matte, just in this weird limbo where you aren’t sure if it’s supposed to be flat or shiny haha. Either way, I actually love your nails in this length <3

  2. That’s gorgeous!! I love SoFlaJo polish! That gray is so deep. WOW

  3. LOVE your nails that length! And such a pretty polish!

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